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Climate Change Minister Resigns "Because Of The Extremities Of The Climate"

On the irony scale, what has just happened in Scotland is on the par with if not better (worse?) than the record cold in Cancún during COP16: because Scottish “beleaguered Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson” has resigned after an extraordinary bad series of moves making the recent “Arctic blast” hellish for thousands of people.

Wait a moment…”Transport” Minister? Not exactly. Hidden away in the BBC report, that’s where the irony strikes: Mr Stevenson‘s job was “Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and…” (YES YOU GUESSED IT RIGHT!) “…Climate Change“.

A sign that “weather” is more important than “climate”? That’s irony #1.

It goes further. You’d think the person officially in charge of an issue that is officially already bringing “more extreme weather patterns in Scotland” might have been preparing his country a little about an extreme weather pattern. Well, apparently, he hadn’t (irony #2). Neither had the person officially in charge of dealing with transportation and infrastructure issues in Scotland, including what to do in case of an early snow.

Actually, that’s the one and same person spectacularly failing in a wondrous triple-act. That’s irony #3.

And now for irony #4. In Climate Change circles, Mr Stevenson might be mostly remembered for “shepherding the Climate Change Act through the Scottish Parliament” containing “the most ambitious climate change legislation anywhere in the world“, plus a series of perfunctory speeches on the topic, a now-lost opportunity to attend the Cancún Climate Change Summit aka COP16 and a bizarre (and rebuked) attempt to talk to the USA on a par-level (so much for being world-leading).

Trouble is, even First Minister Alex Salmond, still making excuses after the news about the resignation came out, might have not fully recollected the responsibilities regarding Climate Change action he himself had bestowed upon Mr Stevenson (around 0m32s in the video):

At the end of the day, you know, no man can tether time nor tide, and certainly you can’t control the elements. I am very sad that a decent man, a competent minister has been forced to resignation because of the extremities of the climate

(the same concept is repeated in Mr Salmond’s reply to Mr Stevenson’s resignation letter)

I can sense a bit of schizophrenic Governmental behavior in there so let me dare ask: Dear First Minister: either the climate change minister HAS to resign because of his inability to deal with extremities of the climate _OR_ you should finally agree with yourself that no man, and no Government, can tether time, tide, or climate. And if “urgent action is needed to cut emissions which cause climate change“, even MORE urgent action is needed to deal with the climate (changed or otherwise) we experience in the here and now.

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These loons really, really, really need a counselling session with King Canute. He had a forthright way of dealing with yammering delusional courtiers …

This all does rather go to the heart of my concerns around the climate carnival swirling about us.

While I have a few suspicions and thoughts, because I don’t know definitively, I have tended to steer clear off all the polar (as in opposite, not geographical) opposite artillery exchanges on the ‘facts’ of how much ‘A’ is in ‘GW’.

These things seem to have bogged down so many, for so long, I simply can’t see anything productive emerging any more.

Which is why my interests professionally have erred into areas I can see positive, high enviROI+ outcomes being generated, namely the win-wins, £ & planet wise, of reduced wastes and improved efficiencies.

I do also play around a bit with reductions, but that can get a bit more complex once economic issues start to clash with enviro ideals.

And this is where our political genius classes do seem to roam exclusively, and founder… a lot.

Because, having accepted a bunch of folk seem to be getting a ton of money in the name of ‘climate’, there does seem a wee discrepancy or two between what they say and what they do, and especially where they spend stuff on and what the outcomes are.

So I merely note that if those in high office, and their advisors, and those they pay heed to, seem to be struggling with simply mitigations and contingencies now, and often try to hide behind daft notions of precedent that don’t hold up (though this chappie seems to have recognised the folly of that defence). Hence we might need to be a smidge concerned at their abilities when re-assigning billions.

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