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D.I.Y. Climate Policy: My Official CO2 Emission Pledges (or It's A Farce in Cancún)

I hereby declare for myself a CO2 emission reduction target of 120% by yesterday, and can happily report I have met that same target already. And if anybody doesn’t believe me, well, you have no right to monitor any of that, and there is no penalty for failure anyway.

Because, as reported by John M. Broder from COP16:

Mr. Ramesh proposed a plan for bridging the gap between the United States and China on verification, by establishing a voluntary program known as international consultation and analysis. Under the plan, also known as I.C.A., countries would declare their emissions reduction targets and provide regular reports on how they were meeting them and gauging their own progress.

There would be no international monitors or inspectors, and no penalties for failing to reach stated targets. Smaller countries would have less frequent and less detailed reporting requirements than major emitters.

Broder continues:

Mr. Ramesh’s concept has been broadly accepted here

As a poet would say, no sh*t Sherlock. Indeed none.

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Come on, Maurizio, India has to be the ‘pig that is rolled over the minefield’ to keep the conferences going.

They have to have some reason for the next year – and now they have. The ‘process’ stays alive- to persuade India who is flirting.

Sshhhh! Be very quiet and keep still. Let’s just let them continue making these great strides on their way to making history.
After all, these thousands of all-expenses-paid junkets will have to be justified when the delegates go back home, and they’ll need to be able to trumpet their grand results to their sponsors. The last thing we need do is encourage them to come up with something of substance before they close up shop for 2010.

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