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Gavin Schmidt's CNN Mystery

This is the comment I have just left at the CNN website, in reply to Gavin Schmidt’s commentary titled “How to get scientists, policymakers to same page on climate change“. Replicated here for future reference 😉 – plus, I have added some hyperlinks

I am surprised by the topic of this commentary. Mr Schmidt has no experience and no qualification in the topic of climate policy, or of policy of any sort for that matters. Indeed, during the past few years Mr Schmidt’s forays outside of science have been a string of disasters, from the public debate lost against Michael Chrichton to an embarrassing situation regarding a data correction first identified by Steve McIntyre, to an unwise escapade in the direction of Feyerabend, not to mention a generally rather heavy hand in “controlling” the flow of comments at the Schmidt-moderated RealClimate website.

Why has Mr Schmidt been given space on CNN then, to talk about “how to get scientists, policymakers to same page on climate change“? What are we going to see next, a rocket scientist writing about how to deal with North Korea, or a livestock researcher arguing about how to design an effective EU milk policy, or an explosive expert lecturing about how to pacify Afghanistan?

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Funnily enough, a couple of people at the CNN site lamented my inclusion of Michael Chrichton, obviously unaware of the fact that Schmidt did lose a debate against Chrichton years ago (in the sense that the attending public moved its opinion in Chrichton’s direction at the end of the debate).

There is also a Defender of the Faith finding it peculiar that I contest Schmidt’s lack of policy expertise whilst having myself a blog in which I talk about policies. There’s not much I can explain, since the poor guy or gal can’t tell between a person writing in their own blog and a person called in by a major news organization to provide their “expert” view on a topic.

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