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Ciao Charles. Ti Ho Trovato.

After more than four years of research, I have finally found the resting place of Charles J Morabito (1919-1945), killed during an escape attempt from the Berga extermination camp, around one month before (some of) his fellow prisoners were liberated.


This has been quite an emotional event to say the least.

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Thank you for posting this. Frank and Anthony had a sister Helen who is still alive, but in a nursing home. Their brother Joseph was wounded in WWII but survived. He passed in the mid 1970’s. Their brother Arthur was trained as a fighter pilot toward the end of WWII but after his two brothers were killed and the other wounded they kept him back in the states. He was really ticked about this. Sort of a “Saving Private Ryan” scenario. After WWII he switched to Air Transport as these pilots got a lot more flying hours than fighter pilots. He retired after 29 years as they wanted him to take a desk job. He died just a few years ago. A fifth brother Angelo was diabetic and did not serve. He passed in the 1960’s. My wife is Helen’s daughter.

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