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How AGWers Endangered Humanity

Continuing in the policy of “elevating” otherwise lost comments deep in some blog post’s thread, here some insightful and quite sad thoughts by TAG at Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit. They should provide ample food for thought even to the most panicking AGW catastrophist:

In the 70s, I worked with someone who had worked in Guyana and had married a woman from there. In a coincidence with SMc, he worked for a mineral survey business. He was in charge of their electronic equipment. One day he had to go to a remote work site to repair some equipment. He and another employee flew in on a jet helicopter. The helicopter could not land at the camp but deposited them on a sandbar in the middle of the jungle river. A launch from the camp was to come out to fetch them. They helicopter landed and they unloaded their equipment. The helicopter took off and they watched it disappear into the distance. They then stood there with their equipment as if they were waiting for a bus on a sandbar in a jungle river.

They both then realized that they were not waiting for a bus. They were waiting on a sandbar in a jungle river with caiman (a form of crocodile) swimming around them. My friend’s colleague then noted that they didn’t even have a pointy stick to defend themselves.

The nub of this anecdote is that they came to that river sandbar on top of a pinnacle of technology, They were the rulers of the world with a world wide technological economy supporting them. They had no thought that they were vulnerable in any way.

The AGW issue is of the same sort. It is easy to think us to be not vulnerable when we are surrounded by the power of our technology. Yet as my friend discovered we are only as invulnerable as our technology allows and when that fails we are very vulnerable indeed.

The hockey stick scientists have produced nothing that is of assistance to policy makers. Their results have been debunked and there is little prospect that their will be any change in this. This is not good news. It does not mean that AGW is not an issue. it means that we have been denied what had been hoped to be a useful guide for policy makes so that we as a human society could chose a path to cope with possible dangers.

We might be standing on a sandbar in a jungle river with caiman swimming around us without even a pointy stick to defend ourselves. Since the science has failed, we just do not know.

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That comment is nonsense on many levels.

Climate scientists have produced instrumental temperature records, instrumental CO2 records, solar records, ice cores records, glacier mass records, proxy climate records stretching back tens of millions of years and analyses of all the above. Climate models of ocean circulation, atmospheric composition, vegetation, ice sheets. Then there are studies of climate sensitivity from paleoclimate change, instrumental records and climate modeling, effects of climate changes on various components of climate and differences at region scales.

Oh and temperature reconstructions of the past 2000 years. The comment ignores all the rest and pretends only that last one matters. Even that last one hasn’t been “debunked”.

There’s plenty of data available to show AGW is a threat. The caiman circles us. If it attacks it won’t be the scientists fault for pointing it out, it’ll be the skeptics fault for trying to deny it’s a problem.

“Oh that caiman it is just part of a natural cycle, it might not even attack us”

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