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Nixon Would Still Be In Office…

…with journalists like these.

A roomful of them, not one with the courage to ask a thing to Michael Mann. If a strong press is a sign of a strong democracy, what is a weak press a sign of?

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***what is a weak press a sign of? ***
The revival of the good old days at Pravda would be my guess. ;*)

What I find interesting is how Mann and others are always changing the prevailing disaster meme. There was the tropical heat spot until it didn’t materialize. Then it was warming oceans until oceans stopped warming in 2004. They used hurricanes after Katrina until it was clear hurricanes were no longer cooperating. Then it was Al Gore’s AIT until it we realized it reminded us too much of “Reefer Madness” only less entertaining. Then it was rapid sea level rise until satellite altimeters began to show that the oceans were no longer cooperating either. So the new meme is the Republican/Tea Party war on science with ice used as the latest poster boy for the demise of the planet at the hands of humans, and yada yada yada….. It’s the same old same old, yawn.

I hope there are climate hearings just to spice things up again. Who cares about a bunch of caviar swilling carbon producing elites gathering in Cancun for what will end up being another taxpayer funded vacation? Bring on the climate science inquisition, now that would be worth reporting on!

“Then it was Al Gore’s AIT until it we realized it reminded us too much of “Reefer Madness” only less entertaining.”

I will put that in my list of favorite quotes. Hilarious and also true. You could almost be Mark Twain.

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