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Spare A Thought For Kate Sheppard

The world can’t tell if @kate_sheppard is a Twitter bot, or not.


Nevermind the WWF drones…several refreshes of this page consistently brought up Ms Sheppard‘s twitter account as one of the most similar to @AI_AGW. Is that a coincidence?

From (again)
From (again)

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I understand now. Of course she is being paid (reinforced) to “behave” like one. She is a hack, shill, drone, etc., of far left money and power, masquerading under the pretense that she is an investigative journalist. Only Plato’s Prisoner would find her shadow puppetry relevant. :*)

Kate is not very knowledgeable about climate beyond the political aspects. She relies primarily on Grist and the Climate Desk for her science references in her articles at Mother Jones so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she relies on a bot for twitter.

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