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It's Official! There Will Not Be Any Climate Apocalypse! (For At Least Five Years)

It’s official! The WWF is wrong. Greenpeace is wrong. Avaaz is wrong. Prince Charles is wrong. The UN climate negotiators are wrong. James Hansen is wrong. Many, many people are wrong, including Bill McKibben, Joe Romm, John Holdren. Countless people and especially children are being duped, day in, day out, into believing that the end of the world is nigh.

Simply, there is officially no hurry about climate change, as stated by the “European Union’s rapporteur on climate change” (the European Union? Or the Council of Europe? Does anybody care, can anybody tell the difference?) about the upcoming Cancun meeting:

Let’s have a voluntary agreement. Let’s stop the clock. Instead of Kyoto having to be done by 2012, stop it for about five years, put in a voluntary agreement and a verification system.

Thus spake on Thursday Lord John (Two Jags) Prescott, having cycled to China (or maybe not). His words were uttered on the august microphones of the BBC’s Today programme, but for some reason failed to materialise in the Today’s “running order” page, or anywhere else at the BBC site apart from the direct link to the interview’s recording. Had it not been for the Telegraph, I would have had to re-type them myself (Carbon News and DeHavilland are hiding their reports behind paywalls).

Anyway…what can they mean? Remember, whatever his past Lord Prescott is now talking for Europe, and European politicans have always liked to be at the forefront of quasi-suicidal climate-change-fighting binding pacts. They are hardly a bunch of Koch-sponsored evil Deniers: and still, at this stage of the negotiations they’re happy to settle for a five-year hiatus in imposing anything to anybody.

In other words, the most pro-AGW politicians on Earth are pretty much convinced we are not facing the last chance to save the world, it’s not 99 months to the apocalypse, the 350ppm threshold in CO2 concentration can be crossed for several years in a row without any cause for panic. Etc etc.

I wonder if all of that will go in the Summary for Policymakers of the IPCC AR5?

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There have been many descriptive words used to describe Big Jonny Prescott, yes loads and loads, intelligence, perspicacity and insight are not amongst these.
And what exactly is the ex-barsteward’s expertise in the topic of BS climatology? Why, none whatsoever, that’s just perfect qualification for an eejit mouthpiece of alarmist pap.
Next, (and of equal gravitas and weight)……Manchester United floozie – Wayne Rooney, on his opinions of AGW and Atmospheric cloud physics.

Joking aside (and there are many around), it astounds me that this man was, is and will be indulged in the way he is by governments and media, especially in the area of environment.

He is a national embarrassment on so many levels.

Well, he does seem to be in a position (having grabbed, or been given it) of still claiming representation of me and mine in thought, word and deed, elsewhere.

Bearing in mind his body of ‘work’ thus far, I am less than enthralled that anyone from another country conflates any of his with those I admire or can support.

That’s a brilliant, if baffling, interview with John Prescott (23rd visit to China since 1997? Blimey.) And an excellent article in the Telegraph, linked to by JunkkMale.

Even after typing this out, I’m having a little trouble making sense of what John Prescott is saying at the end of the Radio 4 interview. I’ve had a few glasses of wine this evening, so it could be me, but is this not rather less comprehensible than it could be?

“Well, I think you have to accept, if you’re saying there’s a connection in the science between the emissions and the temperature, and you want to avoid that, something like the limit of 44 billion tons, the world is going to grow 3 or 4 times by 2050, the date we’ve set, and also that means you must cut the emissions by a quarter. If you leave it to business as usual, that’ll be estimates of something like 55 billion tons, you will get the consequences that everybody fears from climate change. So everybody agrees we must do something. So it’s more than just business as usual, it’s got to be an agreement which takes us to: here’s what we’re going to do, 15% say America, we’re going to do that for China, we’re going to do that for Europe. Let’s see in 15 years whether you deliver – in 5 years, if you deliver what you’re going to do. Look – it’s only a small step, but I think the worst thing that could happen would be for a failure at Cancun, so we need the money for the adaptation, we need the actual framework in which it’s to operate, and all to do it, and I just go around knocking on doors. You do remember in 1997, John I did say to you I know it’s going to be difficult, but we can get an agreement. I think the same again, if common sense applies, and we’re thinking about our children and children’s children, let’s get an agreement, and I’m just trying to argue wherever I go.”


The abiding image in my mind now is that of John Prescott cycling to China – with a ministerial (or rapporteurial?) Jag following at a discreet distance.

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