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Postcards From Climate Racism

There are 14 “photomontages imagining how London could be affected by climate change” in the web pages of the Daily Telegraph, at the “Postcards from the Future” website and “on display at the Museum of London“.

Images numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 seriously stink of racism (either in the picture, or in the accompanying text), with the Great Unwashed from the “equatorial belt” ruining a once-beautiful landscape (either themselves, their camels, or their rice).

The most awful picture is surely #3, about the Gherkin having “slid down the social scale” becoming “a potential slum” full of “refugees from equatorial lands“.

I guess “Postcards from the Future” could be a great idea if anybody wanted to get the openly-xenophobic British National Party on board of the AGW train.

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I’ll go see the exhibitions myself in the near future, likely accompanied by a suitable amount of post-it’s.

Funny how the MoL head of communications has jumped in to say how happy they are in having stimulated a debate. Well, two fingers down one’s throat are quite stimulating too, yet the outcome can’t be pretty.

You might like to add to your Argumenta ad Providentiam: Fears of London swamped by primitive black hordes arise just as Photoshop is invented.

“Museums as discretionary services need to be in a
position to make a compelling case for scarce funding.
Our plan is therefore designed to contain exemplar
programmes to generate evidence to make this case
across a number of fronts: learning, community
engagement and youth participation to name but a few.
We are also very conscious of the need to address the
sustainability of museums in a wider sense and the need
to address climate change.”

from the business plan document of Renaissance London, which organized this Photoshop museum display.

This is what happens if you divert precious public funds to wind turbines and climate change. Museums would have resort to scare tactics

Presumably, in the Postcards from the Future universe, as the unwashed Equatorial hordes encroach on this sceptred isle, the white middle classes have already decamped to the leafy suburbs of Svalbard or the posher neighbourhoods of Eastern Antarctica… I’m wondering – could this simply be naivety rather than conscious racism? The sort of people who even half-seriously envisage a wind farm in Central London, do not seem to be particularly attuned to social or scientific reality.

Meanwhile, back in this universe, I too would like to see some climate-realistic photoshopping, for a change. A night view of planet Earth – with the UK as dark as North Korea, during the power outages of 2017. Or a lone wind turbine, rusted and derelict in the year 2051, with Brazilian and Chinese tourists taking photos of this ageing monument. Or marauding polar bears investigating the streets of a half-abandoned northern city during the mid-21st century Landscheidt Minimum…

And the Denier Day idea is good too. Someone on the GOT blog has this to say, which I found interesting: “The best way to deal with a derogatory word is to take it on board and use it for yourself.” Could the epithet “denier” be turned around and used as a badge of pride, I wonder?

I’ve been wearing my Denialist badge with pride for a while. Whig and Tory were both originally insults, like Quaker and Old Contemptibles.

Fay, I think you’re on to something. It seems to me it’s time to start asking the question: what would the world look like a decade (or two) hence if we did even half the things green activists now advocate?

What would a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions really, actually mean for people’s daily lives?

I’d correct that to a 50% reduction in energy production.

If we reduced CO2 emissions by 50% (or more) by replacing fossil fuel energy with nuclear energy, then that would be a good thing, but that’s not what the Greens want of course.

Frankly I am disappointed with the Telegraph for allowing the photos on it’s web page, but what does this tell us about the greens? Someone knows how to use photoshop or yet another massive global warming propaganda surge its on the way, even more shrill and alarmist than before. I mean why bother making new images just show stills from the pathetic sci-fi movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’!

If we are going to defeat – and I mean defeat in the sense that this is fast becoming an all out propaganda war against these loopy environmentalists – then we will have to beat them at their own game, by producing our own set of photoshop images of a rapidly decarbonised economy, with all the wealth sucked out of it and exported abroad in to the hands of tin pot dictators and wind turbine manufactures. The future won’t be so rosy then – not the happy clappy utopian teletubby land that the greens dream of.

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