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Deep (Climate) Abstrusity

Copygate” must be the most abstruse story that has ever come out of the climate debate (and it’s getting worse). If Wegman is hanged, drawn and quartered, or elevated to sainthood, by George Mason University, nothing at all will change about anybody’s understanding of climate change. No-thing.

Anyway…I am joining late to the party but…didn’t Bradley read the Wegman report, when it came out? Would have been foolish if he didn’t, as he was a subject to the inquiry (p. 64: “What is the current scientific consensus on the conclusions reached by Drs. Mann, Bradley and Hughes“).

On the other hand, if Bradley did read Wegman, how did Bradley manage to fail to spot the plagiarism for so many years?

I surely can spot “my” writing style with no problem. Is Bradley aware of, can he recollect his own writing?

Has Bradley actually written the plagiarized text himself?

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According to Steve McIntyre, indeed not – “Bradley copied both graphics and language from Fritts’ 1976 textbook, Tree Rings and Climate.”

How much more of this ludicrous charade do we need to put up with before the whole scam edifice comes crashing to earth?

Hey Jim! (sigh) Sadly there is going to be loads of this manure for years to come. The Hollywood elites (et al) keep throwing wads of cash at their favorite eco-scare and the politicians see nothing but dollar signs (or Euros). And the media are not about to admit they were duped, after all, they are smarter than evryone else. There will be no “crash” because there will be no reporters present to record it.

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