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How To Laugh About The 10:10 Children-Killing Movie (plus: About British Humor)

Five ways to laugh about the 10:10 disastrous movie despite its exploding children:

  1. Commenter Alvaro on Italian climate change non-believer website Climatemonitor: “After Mein Kampf, Mein Klima
  2. Andy Revkin at Dot Earth: “Blood spatter aside, ‘No Pressure’ proves, beyond a doubt, that we really are living in the age of stupid.
  3. Marc Roberts’ “Oh Frank. Not YOU too?!
  4. JunkkMale at JoNova‘s: “If the energy from the backpedalling could be harnessed, the world energy crisis would be solved
  5. “The Rage of Stupid” by Josh at WUWT

There are some idiotic comments out there about people not being able to “get the British humor”. That’s just a childish rhetorical ploy that reminds me of what leftist unfunny comedians claimed in Italy in the 1970s about their awful results (“it’s political satire”).

In truth, the Brits do have a curious, at times extremely cruel sense of humor, as anybody that has read “Tadpole’s Promise” can testify (story of tadpole-loves-caterpillar ends with frog-eats-butterfly-while-wondering-where-caterpillar-is). One can find in there all characteristics of good humor, with the ending completely giving a new meaning to everything that has been said in the story before BUT the only way to laugh is to remain completely detached from the frog, and from the butterfly. If either or both of them inspires you pity, there is no “humor”, for the simple reason that the story is final and tragic for both of them: there is no way back.

Compare that to the obviously-even-if-mysteriously-still-alive Mr Creosote, perhaps the movie scene most resembling the 10:10 exploding childen:

Talking about which, it’s exactly because there was always a way back, that Blackadder for example was so humorous. No matter how big the cruelty against Baldrick, no matter how disastrous the situation for Rowan Atkinson’s character, you’d always know they would be back, unchanged, in next episode. In fact, there was nothing funny at all in the very last scene of the main series, with all the long-standing characters leaving the trenches of WWI together, destined to certain death. (And yes, Frank in Mark Roberts’ comic strip is alive after his head explodes. QED)

Going back to the 10:Stupid:10 video, it is particularly difficult to find any humor also because the people that are not exploded, they do show surprise, fear, disgust. Perhaps, just perhaps, it might have looked like a spoof if they had been shown as reacting not at all to the disappearance of their friends and colleagues. We will never know.

Now, if I see anybody campaigning for 10:10, I will quietly ask them to disband and please vanish into thing air. No pressure.

ps I know, I know, it’s scientifically inaccurate in the extreme

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“Alex – not sure if your last sentence should be followed by laughter or a silent despair?”

Definitely laughter – or at least a wry smile at the fallibility of these people.

While we’re considering the numbers perhaps it’s time to take a headcount. Franny’s little fantasy flick shows a small percentage of us getting our just desserts, but in real life she’s only got a couple hundred k’s of people raising their hands to the 10:10 sect’s cause. That leaves a good portion of the population–what, about 6×10^9 non-believers–who will presumably get the ax.

In the end these folks will get their wish when only the elite 10% are left to inherit the earth. Just like every other rapture sect believes.


Only in Italy can this twisted little story take real form and live: one little ecoblog and several of the commentators it links to are actually supporting the theory that the whole 10:10 thriller was a corporate sponsored sabotage of their world-saving work. Talk about out of touch with reality. They don’t even have the courage to take a good look at those fellow travelers in the seat next to them!

By the way, I’m looking for a place to send my own 10:10:10 experience videos and pictures. Do you happen to know of a good site where I can display my day’s activities? I’m thinking of driving my car at high speed for an allotted amount of time…needlessly throwing an extra 10kg of CO2 fertilizer into the air for the benefit of humanity. I think turning every single light in my house on for 10 minutes at 10PM might also be a good symbol of my concern for the well-being of an enlightened society. How about a bonfire in the yard, too?

Not all Italians are like those… I appreciate they are against physical violence, but they call “deniers” people who dare thinking with their own head.
I don’t think those of 10:10 intended “really” blow up people. I believe it was the deep dream of their soul, only.
Other people, the stupid ones, the mad ones, the people with problems in their heads, and in their way to interact with the world, will probably catch this message, and kill, perhaps. But not the 10:10 stuff. They only gave the idea, they never will do it, they perhaps don’t really want such a consequence.
I believe that Italian greens and 10:10 are much more similar than what what they declare, and, perhaps, think.
They think the others are “deniers”, and they are the only ones to possess the truth.
They think “the debate is over”, and nobody is allowed to have doubts.
This is the common field where they grow, green and intollerant.
In my opinion.

Um…nobody said anything about Italians and violence. My point was a different one, and it has everything to do with rationalizations that erase the more uncomfortable actions committed by one’s direct associates.

Assuming that “everyone” is pretty much in agreement that the 10:10 movie was the silliest piece of suicidal propaganda ever produced by the ecologist movement, there is a voice coming from an Italian blog site that carries all of the absurd characteristics of the country’s love affair with conspiracy theories. Take a look at the referenced blogger and his stubborn insistence that the 10:10 garbage was “probably” an act of “astroturfing.” He even posits that, just as there is no evidence proving that Franny Armstrong made the video in good faith, there is equally no proof that she wasn’t paid by some evil petroleum company to sabotage the movement. Can you say “grasping at straws”?

Now, I have no idea who these nuts are, but their writing comes up at the top of a Google News search. Who knows, maybe nobody reads them at all.

My little jibe at the Italian way was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but I still would not be surprised to find this “astroturfing” theory making its way to the mainstream media before the 10:10 story dies down. The Italian MSM has absolutely no need for fact-checking or reality checks, especially when a good conspiracy can keep the front pages burning for years (think Ustica, P2 or Cogne). Keep your eye on La Repubblica in the next days!

I know the professor who wrote that, but I don’t usually read what he writes, so, I have one more piece of information about him. I don’t usually read “La Repubblica” either. I sincerely thank you for this information. (I refer also to your reply to me). I hope you consider me a friend of yours.

Yours is a very good post-mortem of the entire perplexing business, Maurizio.

You know, what could have saved 10:10 is if instead of blowing people up, the red button opened a trapdoor underneath the person and they fell through and vanished (with some sort of comical sound effect, maybe.)

Very simple concept, no blood, no body parts, the special effects would have probably been cheaper, it would have been funnier and 10:10 would have still been able to convey their message, i.e., dissenters must be silenced.

Ah well.

I note your comment on the Italian site you link to
in which you suggest that this was a huge joke on the part of Curtis at 10:10’s expense. It sounds impossible, but then, I tried to imagine the state of mind of the author of Blackadder, forced to spend hours brainstorming with the likes of Franny Armstrong. Wouldn’t the only possible way of staying sane be to invent the practical joke of the century?

“in the twisted world of people that believe producing their ad has already killed five people..”
To be fair, this comes from an off-the-cuff interview in which Franny Armstrong says “We ‘killed’ five people to make No Pressure – a mere blip compared to the 300,000 real people who now die each year from climate change.”
The real twist is in her belief in a fantasy figure lifted from an utterly demolished PR brochure produced for a defunct shell NGO. These 300,000 living dead will continue to haunt us until the media start to ask serious questions of the global warming crowd. Despite Climate- Splatter- and other gates, this still hasn’t started to happen to any significant degree.
Thanks Maurizio for the best analysis yet of this sorry affair.

Thanks Geoff. 300,000 or not, Franny with an r did willingly do a project that would kill people, in her own logic, of course sacrificing the few for the good of the many. But since the many count in the billions, one can only wonder how few hundreds of millions (dead) would still remain just a few

Ta for the mention.

I actually was as disturbed by the initial justifications wheeled out as the piece itself.

From the craft applied to the apology letter I had (very quickly) from 10:10 to my (admittedly also knee jerk) letter advising withdrawal of support (passive, as I saw no harm in fairs and energy-reducing notions being shared), either cooler, or more sophisticated PR heads have moved in.

However, I am pondering forgiveness still; forget being a no chance thanks to t’internet (though I do notice the very witty Downfall spoof of spoof has been pulled, I guess for copyright reasons. Irony in that messing with rights can see the lawyers getting very active… and effective quickly, if the taste in humour is not shared by those so ardent in support of creative licence… when it suits).

I am well aware… now… who the hierarchy of 10:10 is, and though they seem evidently chastened, remain unsure still if they really ‘get’ where they went wrong. Which was, from first germ of strategy through ‘execution’ of idea to crisis PR, one heck of a lot of feet in mouths.

Hence they may well serve as examples to hold up to make often less than challenging supporters (gov funders, sponsors, woefully inept MSM journos… and such as me. My excuse being I don’t have the time these others have to (on salary) carry out appropriate due diligences on every press release if it seems harmless enough) ponder a wee bit before getting into bed with every box-ticking ‘green’ ra-ra initiative asking for a bucket of cash to drive some vague, over-duplicated, often uni-directional and factually dubious ‘awareness’ campaign.

If nothing else, the despicable, disgusting Mr. Creosote deserves to die.

The children do not, despite their sullen faces.

The sports player doesn’t.

Not even Gillian Anderson does.

There is nothing in No Pressure to suggest that they deserve their fates, other than the assumption that their heresy is properly fatal.

But even that is merely an assumption. The video itself doesn’t support the assertion.

DJMoore – in the twisted world of people that believe producing their ad has already killed five people, of course anybody that doesn’t jump aboard the AGW ship does ultimately deserve to die.

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