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The Great Climate Crunch Of 2010

Haven’t posted much of late. For two reason: one, a super-secrete Earth-shattering project (or rather, a smaller version of it), and two, because with the whole catastrophic climate change narrative imploding around me, I do not really find much in pleasure in flogging a comatose horse…

We have the BBC’s Richard Black severely reprimanded by the illiberals at Climate Progress. The UK Government might get rid of its Climate Department and doesn’t want to keep foraging the solar power industry no more. The New Statesman, no less, forces itself into recognising the importance of Stephen McIntyre. There’s Scientific American stating that “the leaked “Climategate” e-mails painted researchers as censorious”, whilst Lord Turnbull is allowed to write in the pages of the Financial Times that “a climate overhaul is needed to win back public trust”

Of course Obama wants no solar panels for the White House, and Revkin gives up on the climate fight. Keith Kloor finds out some people want to censor what they don’t perfectly like.

If another bunch of hidden, dodgy emails shows up now, the “catastrophic climate” discourse will go the way of the Dodo.

UPDATE: Climategate keeps popping up with what a few weeks ago were unlikely comments. For example at the UN University:

“the emotive exchanges surrounding the so-called climategate affair [show] that the climate scientists at the University of East Anglia did not feel completely comfortable sharing all their data with those sceptical of their work, and intrinsically [highlight] how this situation has undermined the credibility of the science involved, to a degree”

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The “whole catastrophic climate change narrative imploding”, you say? Mostly true, I would agree.

Imploding quietly – except for the 10:10 people, who seem intent on going out with a bang!

You are too even-keeled Maurizio. You point to SA’s concession that climategate e-mails were censorious, but refrained from opining on their use of the word “denier” in roughly the same context as they might use the word “nigger”. You speak of Revkin conceding that many prominent scientists doubt CC theory, but opt not to lampoon him on his fallback positions about the psychology of the believer vs the nonbeliever, especially when he always swore this was about facts. And you certainly go easy on Obama-the-usurper’s refusal “to be the change he wants to see in the world” and put solar panels on the White House after he swore allegiance to CC doctrine as a candidate.

The contradictions are everywhere. The alarmists are in full retreat. You have shown yourself to be a true gentleman by letting them escape with some dignity rather than assassinating them one by one, easy as it would be. Especially since, they would tear you limb from limb in effigy if the shoe were on the other foot. Look how they have villified Steve McIntyre, who was right all along. It must kill them that you are not only right, but a gentleman about it. But god forbid they would learn from it. Learning is not in the programming of anti-scientists…

You are very kind Deuce and (would you believe it) I have been insulted profusely by climate catastrophists exactly because I don’t go around assassinating anybody (apparently, the richer one’s vocabulary, the more _they_ show their intolerance).

As for “letting them escape”, it is difficult to imagine any rabid AGWer publicly convert on the way to Damascus. Most likely, they wouldn’t reveal their change of mind to nobody, not even to their own selves. Still, one can see their true colours in what they say and do.

Think of the Cubs trouncing the Yankees. No self-respecting New-York-based journalist will admit the defeat, but most if not all of them won’t be able to avoid making reference to it in their articles.

All righty then.

I’m glad Climate Depot linked to your blogsite. I had your site bookmarked for a long time, but lost that file and have been rebuilding it.

Thanks for your hard work. Maybe we’ll see more of your work soon. Good luck with your other project, as well.

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