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The Big Green Lie Exposed – Mandatory Reading

Thanks to Andy Revkin, here’s the link to Walter Russell Mead‘s blog post “The Big Green Lie Exposed“, that I believe vindicates all The Unbearable Nakedness of CLIMATE CHANGE has been writing about since December 2007.

The text is incredibly jam-packed with quotable remarks, such as:

the reason that the Great Global Green Dream is melting lies in the sad truth that whatever the scientific facts of the matter, the global green movement is so blind and inept when it comes to policy and process that it has deeply damaged the causes it cares most about

(about Climategate) The greens were found innocent of inventing the science, but guilty of systematically hyping their case

excitable greens have oversold a wide variety of worst case scenarios — and underestimated the complex nature of the relationship between climate change and world politics

The Big Lie is that the green movement is a source of coherent or responsible counsel about what to do

Many leaders of today’s environmental movement are like the anti-alcohol activists before Prohibition

The green movement’s strategic failure is also reminiscent of the Peace Movement of the 1920s

You can diagnose a disease but have no clue how to treat it. You can be an excellent climate scientist and a wretched social engineer. You can want to do good and end up furthering exactly the evils you most deplore

The real and lasting damage that the green movement sustained in the last eight months has been the revelation that it is strategically and politically incompetent

Precisely because a growing body of science points to the existence of some serious concerns about climate, we must think carefully and clearly

Alcohol abuse was a real problem in 1918, but the Prohibitionist belief that there was One Big Legislative Answer only made things worse

At best, the green movement might be compared to an alarm clock: jangling shrilly to wake up the world. That is fair enough; they have turned our attention to a problem that needs to be carefully examined and dealt with. But the first thing you do when you wake up is to turn the alarm clock off; otherwise that shrill beeping noise will distract you from the problems of the day

And so on and so forth. Whatever one thinks of AGW, “The Big Green Lie Exposed” has to be mandatory reading!

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This is a very good and strong indictment of the green movement that its skeptical opponents refer to as “warmers.”

It is concise and cuts right to the bone, with the exactly correct historical parallels:

If we were to enact CO2 Prohibition, it would soon enough fail in all it attempts to accomplish, plus make the situation worse.

We as a culture should one of these days wake up to the warning signs that stridency flashes out to us:

WHY are they screaming so loud?

WHY do they insist so loudly that they have seen the problem and know its exact solution?

WHY are such draconian steps required?

WHY are calls for reflection met with hyperventilating references to “Everyone knows!”

If Kyoto/Copenhagen had ever been enacted, would we have see some Yakuza or Cosa Nostra black market in CO2? Would there be some Al CO2pone gangsterism, while politicians blanket street corners with “Just say NO to CO2!” signs?

Valid points!

I am glad I found this post. I will recommend it.

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