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A Genuine (Doom-laden) Website?

Connolley’s is just too algid. RC is just too onanistic. Tamino’s is just too quixotic. Skeptical Science is just too embarrassing (and for the wrong reasons). Desmogblog is just too self-contradictory. Greenfyre’s is just too impermeable to outside contributions. And so on and so forth.

Is there a genuine pro-catastrophical-AGW website out there where the basic tenets of debate and exchange of ideas are not seen as a backdoor for denialism? Perhaps there is: in “Science of Doom” one can even read about “why Global Mean Surface Temperature should be relegated, or mostly ignored“. And the post about the “lunar greenhouse effect” or lack thereof explicitly steers clear from the usual puerile mudslinging attempts of so many other websites.

Time will tell if SoD will slip down the activism route or provide a stable science-based counterpoint to Roger “I can’t believe my fellow AGWers behave so idiotically” Pielke Jr.’s.

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I think there is a lot of misunderstanding around concerning SoD. The blog is certainly wonderfully science-based and fair-minded in dealing with questions. It also keeps it cards very close to its chest when it comes to expressing views outside the domain of science. But I think it is incorrect to think of it as a pro-catastrophical site. I think it is fairer to say that it is a pro-science site. As such it provides an invaluable resource for scientifically minded sceptics. As well as all of the science pages, please make sure you have also looked both here and here (signer #22).

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