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In Case You Happened To Think Any Good About The BBC…

…here’s a story that will make you stop fantasizing.

There’s an old Italian proverb, “mal comune mezzo gaudio“, i.e. “a shared pain is half a pleasure”. Evidently, the destruction of journalistic standards about science has now spilled way beyond climate change.

Perhaps we could all save a quid or two on the TV licence by replacing all BBC science hacks with press release feeds based on RSS. At the very least, those are supposed to be verbatim copies of somebody else’s work…

UPDATE 25 Jul: The following comment of mine at the BBC is still in the “moderation queue”. Go figure.

To Tom (the commenter): Had Tom (the journalist) and the BBC reacted more promptly, none of the accusations would have appeared. There’s full 25 hours between comments 2 (Switek pointing out the similarities between his blog and Feilden’s) and 4 (the first comment about “Shame!”), and the “correction” must have happened three days after Switek raised the issue.

If you’re ever in court and you think you can reply to questions and requests with a 72 hours’ delay, you’re going to have a hard time whatever the jury…

To Tom (the journalist): Had you put a link to Switek’s blog, nobody would have ever accused you of plagiarism. Now, could you and the BBC Editors please come around to understand what the Internet is, and stop agonising about adding any link to outside sources??? THANK YOU!

UPDATE 26 JUL: As if by magic, the comment above has now been released from the moderation queue.

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Poor Tom (the journalist) was probably very happy with this stirring defence of his integrity until he noticed (eventually:) the moniker of his new (to BBC boards) champion. Unfortunate coincidence, one is sure.

As is a supporter being an irony-free, pompous, tribal, knee-jerk ad hom merchant. Seems like the hole has required bringing in extra help to burrow further.

That your post remains in mod limbo is telling, if not surprising.

I think that, as the usual ‘OT’ blanket might be a struggle here, they may need to add a new category:

‘This has been referred to an endless moderation loop until it goes away because:

* It is yet another deeply embarrassing indictment of BBC competence and arrogance, which we’d really rather no one knew more about than we can arrange’

Feilden has somehow given an explanation about what happened, I have put a comment at the BBC, and since it’s still in limbo I have added to the text above as an “Update”

Well, on the plus side at least they seem to have finally accepted they can’t deal with science internally.

Have had an ‘entertaining’ (in a horror story kind of way) roaming the links, and links of links, and the classic ‘when in hole, dig deeper’ mode at ‘We’re the BBC!’ seems alive and well.

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