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Twenty Steps Of Climate Denial

Twenty Steps Of Climate Denial” is the title of my first-ever Facebook quiz. Ever wondered if you are a climate change denialist? Wonder no more! You’ll know it all in less than 21 questions!

And now for a bit of background: 99.9% of the questions and answers are inspired by the curious adventures of Roger Pielke, Jr., replying to a barrage of question by a “gonzo journalist” that is either quite disturbed or very good at appearing so (I prefer the latter).

For those that can’t stand Facebook, here’s the list of “questions”:

  1. Your mountaintop removal coal operation is filthier than a Tiger Woods text message
  2. You have considered at least once the possibility that global warming might be “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on mankind”
  3. You are a “junk science expert”
  4. After publishing an article of yours, the editor and half of Climate Research’s editorial board resign
  5. Your mission is to use arcane statistical analyses to break the “hockey stick”
  6. You are George Will, Roy Spencer, Marc Morano and/or admired by Glenn Beck
  7. You think global warming is basically a “political” issue
  8. You reluctantly admit that the earth is getting hotter, but insist that we’ll like the warmer weather
  9. You have called a gathering of activists in Copenhagen “Hitler Youth”
  10. Joe Romm dubbed you as the Most Debunked Science Writer in the Blogosphere
  11. You agree with this statement: “Post-normal science refers to situations in which knowledge is uncertain, values are contested and stakes are high.”
  12. You accept the scientific consensus on AGW, yet are often critical of climate scientists, for what you call “scientism” or “stealth advocacy”
  13. You have an article in Cato Institute’s “Regulation” magazine, or in “Energy and Environment”. Alternatively, you have worked for the George C. Marshall Institute or are a member of the House of Lords
  14. You are paid by the fossil fuel industry to lie
  15. You refuse to cap, trade, regulate or sufficiently tax carbon emissions
  16. Do greenhouse gases cause global warming?
  17. Does a hotter atmosphere mean more extreme weather?
  18. If not kept in check, will AGW be a source of increased costs of damage associated with hurricanes, floods, and extreme weather phenomena in the future?
  19. By dwelling on uncertainty, and implying that the science of climate change in some way is not “settled”, you have provided in the past a perfect excuse to do nothing
  20. You don’t renounce people like Anthony Watts

10 replies on “Twenty Steps Of Climate Denial”

> if you have to find something to disagree with, this does the job

I do not care about finding something to agree or disagree with. However, if you do not think that science is a process rather than providing the “right” answers, you should really stop pontificating about science.

What next, you’ll call Einstein a “quantum physics denier”, Eddington a “black hole denier” and Tycho a “heliocentric system denier”.

I do not think I have rejected any of the questions asked to Pielke. I have conflated a few, as there was space just for twenty.

If you ask me, it’s all rather silly and there is obviously no way of telling a “denier” from the answers given to any list of questions. “Denial” is about the process of science, not the answers.

“it’s all rather silly”


“there is obviously no way of telling a “denier” from the answers given to any list of questions. ”

I disagree on this. Here’s a single question that, answered in the affirmative, would strongly identify a denialist:

Do you believe that the observed warming of the earth is NOT primarily due to anthropogenic releases of CO2?

Wow. This is… strange. It is obviously intended to be satirical, yet it seems quite inconsistent in the thrust of its satire. I really don’t know what to make of it. A person who answered “Yes” to all of the questions would be as confused as one who answered “No” to all the questions.

“those questions have been asked for real.”

I don’t doubt it. I’m sure that I could scan the Internet and come up with a long list of stupid questions. But this particular list lacks coherence. It would seem that you followed no plan or pattern in selecting what questions to include and what questions to reject. Is there a point to this list? And what does this list constitute “Twenty Steps to Climate Denial”?

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