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Does Harrison "Jack" Schmitt Exist?

A few hours have passed since my first comment in Plait’s n-th tired “you’re all deniers!” blog, and not a single word on how would Phil or any AGW believer handle any debate with Harrison Schmitt, geologist, Astronaut, Moonwalker, and a skeptic of AGW.

Harrison "Jack" Schmitt
Harrison "Jack" Schmitt

I think we can safely assume that Schmitt, like Phil, has examined the claims, the science, and the techniques. However, Schmitt has come to the conclusion that

(see Wikipedia)

“[t]he CO2 scare is a red herring”, the “global warming scare is being used as a political tool to increase government control over American lives, incomes and decision-making,” and scientists who might otherwise challenge prevailing views on climate change dare not do so for fear of losing funding.

I find the very existence of somebody like Schmitt incompatible with Phil’s simplistic climate change view where everybody that disagrees on anything, is a rabid anti-science ignorant denier or worse.

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“I find the very existence of somebody like Schmitt incompatible with Phil’s simplistic climate change view where everybody that disagrees on anything, is a rabid anti-science ignorant denier or worse.”

Indeed, in that case of figure, whoever said it was he who was, or something like it…


The Stern comments seek to slander Schmitt as a “marrionette’ and try to make him irrelevant.

The key question about that 385 ppmv CO2 is what effect it has on temperature change. As Prof. Lindzen of MIT and others have shown, it is minimal.

A quote from the recent Oxford Union Debate on the effect of CO2:

“…shutting down the entire global economy for a whole year, with all the death, destruction, disaster, disease and distress that that would cause, would forestall just 4.7 ln(390/388) = 0.024 Kelvin or Celsius degrees of “global warming”, so that total economic shutdown for 41 years would prevent just 1 K of warming.”

Back to Harrison Schmitt, what many may not be aware of is that this moonwalker was the only one with a Ph.D. [in geology from Harvard].

Sorry sdCougar, but do your brain a favor and don’t even get close to Monckton. we are talking here about a dynamic planetary ecology and this fool provides “citations” of scientists allegedly saying that some co2-change produces some “fixed”, static temperature increase. that’s a ridiculous misquotation of science trying to ridicule others. scientists talk about approximate thresholds. see eg.

as for co2 and temperature:
Admittedly, the causal connection is not trivial, see eg.:
But then, this is as high a complex ecological correlation as you are likely to find in nature over half a million years:

As for now, we seem to be sitting on the perfect rocket:

As for Harvard: I’ve spent a year there. What do you believe do Harvard and (with the exception of Lindzen) MIT experts think on that issue?

Hi there,
i just stumbled upon your page. You ask: “Does Harrison “Jack” Schmitt Exist?” I guess the appropriate answer is: Well, he exists in our context as another ExxonMobil-Marionette. In an Fox-Interview for instance, he rightly stated that “CO2 in the atmosphere is about 385ppm right now, but it has been much higher in the past, no doubt about it.” :
Harrison Schmitt is heads on about this point. He just fails to note that this “past” was, hum, over 20 million years ago (1). Anyway, enjoy yourself, sweet oil-lubricated ostriches of this world in your virtuoso capers of avoiding the data. Or would you dare to look at this:
best, Dr.J.Stern
BTW, see also the link to the Hansen-Comment regarding your “code pink”

(1) just look, among the zillions of papers on this, on that one which you happened to cite yourself:

Between mammoth farts and insults to geologist-moonwalkers, truly the science of Galileo, Newton and Einstein is forgetting about itself

Phil’s summary statement on that post “lalalalala I can’t hear you” really says all that needs to be said regarding “climate ”science”‘ on his blog.

There is nothing about the AGW fallacy to attack. It is collapsing of its own bloated weight.

Chris Winter wrote: “Anyone who could mount a valid attackon AGW would be a hero.’

Hero is a title deserved by Richard LIndzen, Prof. of Atmospheric science, MIT. He, like others, has certainly mounted a valid attack on AGW.

Seemingly, the only thing Winter would acknowledge would be an effective attack. And that’s a really big order of business considering Big Brother’s power. Just read 1984–which makes your question, does he “exist?”, so pertinent.

[My first encounter with Harrison Schmitt was aboard the Weightless Wonder as the Apollo 15 crew prepared. He was on the backup crew and took time to talk to us ‘guinea pigs’ who were aboard simply to validate the planes nickname, the vomit comet.]

I admired the late Dr. James van Allen for his work in researching near-Earth space, including the discovery of its radiation belts. But I strongly disagreed with his view that space exploration should be done only by robots. (A letter to AW&ST put me on the record.)

Similarly, I think Harrison Schmitt has done great work on the Moon and at the University of Wisconsin. But he’s wrong about climate change. I’m sure he’s tenured by now. He’s got the freedom to find errors and publish a paper disproving the mainstream view. He’d make himself a hero all over again, doing that. Anyone who could mount a valid attackon AGW would be a hero.

The problem is, there’s nothing to find.

By the way, you may enjoy this discussion about Dr. Schmitt’s views.

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