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Don't Miss Out On This Great Post About MWP And Hockey Sticks

As I keep saying, if on the AGW side everybody were level-headed (as Rob Honeycutt evidently is), there would be no debate about CO2 emissions, rather effective cutting measures would already be in place as a matter of course.

Unfortunately, we usually have to deal with people mutated by AGW into shouting extremists. Oh well.

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I still can’t grasp why people cannot notice certain basic facts about the paleo science:
a. Mann himself has moved on from the hockey-stick and now finds MWP’s in China, the carib and South America for his Mann08 reconstruction. He even tries to link hurricanes to the MWP.
b. They still cannot see that grafting what may be a short-term spike onto a proxy procedure that was totally unable to include any such spikes in the past is wholly unscientific and frankly just plain dumb. It may be that the current warming is faster than normal but that graph doesn’t tell us that because the temperature may drop again to 30’s levels and would then be averaged away in any reconstruction done a hundred years from now. The exercise has no actual scientific merit – it is a sales brochure stunt.
c. They still ask why is the medieval warming period so important to skeptics? The real question is why is trying to hide that there was a clear medieval warm period so important to non-skeptics. Yes by all means let’s bury the issue by admitting it was there – maybe hemispherical maybe not – the data can suggest both. If non-skeptics can do this then maybe they can finally accept that the statistical cherry-picking and data-mining in most of these hockey-sticks studies was just plain bad. Alas Kauffman was the one who resurrected the hockey-stick from the dead – it wasn’t any skeptics that did it.

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