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"'Tis But A Scratch…"

And this is from American cartoonist Daryl Cagle, certainly no friend of the Republicans

'Tis but a scratch
'Tis but a scratch

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Scholars will note, of course, that the actual conclusions of climate scientists still stand unaffected by “Climategate” – perhaps more appropriately termed “The CRU Email theft” – it is still primarily a PR problem. =)

cmb – Thank you for proving the point. “‘Tis but a scratch” indeed. Meanwhile, (metaphorical) blood all over the place.

ps “theft”? If you have information the Police doesn’t have as yet, you better go tell them. Unless you have nothing to back up your statement?

“Meanwhile, (metaphorical) blood all over the place.”

Not with regard to the actual conclusions – you have no such evidence. One wonders, then, what point you thought I was proving?

In the meantime, perhaps you can tell us why the police are conducting a criminal investigation into the theft if it’s not a theft. In fact, it would be interesting to see your evidence that it is not a theft, considering that I’ve found no one who disputes the fact that does not also dispute some part of AGW.

A fair question. What other criminal offenses would you predict?

Case 1 – the data was hacked by an outside source – clearly theft.

Case 2 – the data was sent out from inside by someone without authorization – still theft.

Is there a case 3 I’m missing here?

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