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Evidence Of Global Warming Keeps Accumulating

Two Feet or more of Global Warming evidence
Two Feet or more of Global Warming evidence

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Every where in the world the global warming is a very hot topic to debate about and this is mainly caused by the emission of harm full gasses by the industries and the CO2 emitted forms a layer which traps the sun rays in the earth atmosphere and which raises the earths temperature

Climate Depot linked two article where Time and MSNBC made claims that the D.C. snowfall was evidence of global warming. Will they then accept that the old snowfall record of 1899 was also evidence of AGW?

The snow is melting because of the global worming this is caused because of the emission of harmful gasses in to the atmosphere.

I am right in the center of that picture. 30″ of snow on the ground now. Another inch has fallen today. For the season, 70 inches has fallen and some of December 19th snow is still around. A normal season has 16 inches.

There is probably a lot more snow on the higher ridges.

Weather will vary on its own without the need for any casual mechanism. Ditto for averaged weather. Assuming attribution or an external forcing is required is an unproven assumption.

Just to clarify my last message, there are irregular variable stars. They change temperature without any external forcing. The Earth is very likely an irregular variable planet whose temperature varies without any external cause. The moving atmosphere and moving oceans can never reach an equilibrium state and each ocean basin will have its temperature oscillation. Such oscillations are the PDO, El Nino, NAO, AO, etc. An equilibrium climate, that does not change, is not possible.

BTW, 9″ of snow has fallen so far in this storm.

Natural variability is definitely in play here. Indeed the IPCC has said that natural variability has been masking the warming signal since 2007. But if natural variability is strong enough to mask the global warming signal, it’s strong enough to have created it in the first place.

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