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Superbowl Green Police Ad Plays All Ecofascism Notes

(this is the “Audi 2010 Green Car Super Bowl Commercial” – via Climate Crunch, from TreeHugger)

Green has never felt so right“, according to Audi. I think they meant “so anti-freedom“. TreeHugger wonders “tongue-in-cheek eco-message — is it a winner?” and “Is this all a fun way to get the message across or a cynical poke at environmentalists?

I am afraid that kind of ads is poisonous for environmentalism in general. The only message that will get across is that if we let the green fundamentalists have their way, driving a “clean diesel” Audi will be the least of our problems.

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Is Audi part of the new Nazi party? Does Audi really believe in Fascism? I ask because of the propagandized ‘Green” belief that Audi seem to have in regard to the environment. Is Germany becoming a Fascist State once again? Attempting to re-invent the Fourth Reich under the guise of Climate Policy? Is Audi USA run by hateful Anti-Americans and looking to Europe for some sort of utopia? Using propaganda that citizens will be arrested for using incandescent bulbs and plastic bags is the same as what the 1939 Nazi’s did to the Jews. Is this what Audi is all about? I believe that a Boycott on Audi is now the only way to stop this evil movement to a one world government and control. The Fourth Reich must never be allowed to rise, not as long as free thinkers take a stand and battle the evil that is Fascism, Socialism and Marxism.

I used to work in market research, and now I can’t watch an ad without mentally recreating the focus groups which lie behind it. I imagine the advertisers must have discovered a large number of potential customers who reacted strongly against the idea of being forced into eco-correct, enviro-friendly consumption against their wishes. So the admen decided to meet the consumer resistance head-on, using derision. But being cool, sophisticated NYT reading types, they have created a campaign which only cool, sophisticated NYT reading types can understand. (Maurizio, you’re a cool, sophisticated NYT reading type yourself, and even you can’t understand it).

geoff – I think I do understand the campaign 😎 – however what the ad makers haven’t considered is the plausibility of the dystopia. One shouldn’t pretend to be stupid when most people already believe one is…

Addendum – now I remember – this is what it reminds me of…poor Donny Osmond constantly battling against his public mostly-harmless-totally-unhip persona…

Reminds me a little of the ‘Truth’ campaign which were supposedly anti-smoking adverts, but which portrayed people against smokers as vandals and hooligans who shout in your face with blowhorns and drop body bags from airplanes. Of course they were funded by tobacco companies as part of their settlement with government. Served them nicely, too.

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