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A Wonderful Place To Die

It is called “Mars to Stay” and I hope it will involve a 85-year-yound Italian in 2052 going to Heaven but first stopping for around 30 years on the Red Planet. For the final resting place I select this:

Scalloped sand dunes in the southern hemisphere of Mars
Scalloped sand dunes in the southern hemisphere of Mars

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Why not make peace with reality and move on , when do you last take a look on NASA APOLLO 17 MISSION photograph view of planet earth image of Africa from an upturn framework position cosmic microwave radiation background of Atlantic ocean current motion in air form central core fluid intelligent system atmosphere complex building heart center temple house body of manhood in one body language symbol seal of life? By the time you see the real face value image of Africa glorious spiritual head being host body of human race in the image and likeness of cosmic kind of beast nature made idol universal figure , you see why there is need to have a rethink about about a wonderful to die is very important in a moment like this.

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