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Complete Microblogging Of Tonight's Pielke Jr vs Ward vs Muir Wood London Debate

I have left less than one hour ago the Royal Institution in London where a debate has taken place with Roger Pielke Jr, Bob Ward and Robert Muir Wood moderated by the Guardian’s James Randerson. I will blog with more details in the next few days or maybe even tonight: for now, you can read the whole thing as microblogged live by me on Twitter starting from here.

There has been a remarkable consensus and at one point it even looked like they were going to kiss each other.  For example everybody agreed the IPCC procedures must be considerably changed before next report is out…

ps please note that my main (English) account on Twitter remains “omnologos”.

ADDENDUM 1: my Ordered Notes About The Pielke Jr vs Ward vs Muir Wood London Debate

ADDENDUM 2: thanks to Steven McIntyre for pointing to the MP3 of the debate (there’s even me asking a question between 55:08 and 55:29) (I have been trying to post these links at Pielke Jr’s blog but no luck so far)

ADDENDUM 3: Josh has a cartoonist’s report of the debate at Bishop Hill. Also, more live tweets of the events are available from Christine Ottery and Tony Plant.

ADDENDUM 4: More blogs on the topic: Chris Cooper at, Amelia Gregory at Amelia’s Magazine

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