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Lost Moon…Is Obama’s The Least Imaginative Administration Ever?

So it’s been confirmed: President Obama is keen on ending all American efforts to go back to the Moon. This doesn’t sound like a particularly inspired or forward-thinking move. I know that Buzz Aldrin as weighed in saying “this program will allow us to again be pushing the boundaries to achieve new and challenging things beyond Earth“; the Planetary Society has said “We’ll develop the technology to explore Deep Space, reaching new milestones in space and accomplishing new things here on Earth“; and the Bad Astronomer has commented “this may very well save NASA and our future manned exploration capabilities, if this is all done correctly“.

Still, the end result would be NASA canceling yet another major launch system initiative; no hope to go back to the Moon in the foreseeable future; vague promises of “future heavy-lift rocket systems…potentially taking us farther and faster into space” that sound quite empty as missing of any clear destination in time and space.

Phil Plait admitted as much in a tweet: “I think we sorta agree there, @unclebobmartin. There’s no real plan now. I’m hoping that by doing this, NASA can concentrate on big plans

Now, if you add on top of that some other facts about the USA:

  • still shipping weapons to Taiwan, as always
  • sending troops to Afghanistan, as usual
  • have no plans to leave Iraq for good in the foreseeable future, as always
  • are still no way near a non-confrontational approach to Iran, as usual
  • have shown no idea of any sort to bring the Israelo-Palestinian conflict anywhere, as always
  • have tried to score low-level political points with a populist approach to banking management, as usual….

…isn’t that enough to label Obama’s as the least imaginative administration ever?

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Can any Republicans who suppose themselves bright explain how Bushes TARP was NOT Socialism? Can any of you assure me, disregarding of what your Political Party Articulates it believes in and has for however long, I should believe a sole word of it after watching continued deficit expenditure under your politicos? I exempt Reagan from this – the Eastern Bloc needed to be vanquished and I believe he’s the only leader of the last fifty years who had a reasonable excuse for it and as I see it we broke their backs economically. But since then?

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