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Climate Change Going Out Of Fashion At The BBC

No climate change news at the BBC
No climate change news at the BBC

And lo! On the twelfth day of the ninth tenth year of the third millennium, a strange phenomenon appeared on the website of the British (Climate Change) Broadcasting Corporation. In the ‘Science & Environment‘ pages, not even one news item was dedicated to climate change…

Only “features” and “analysis” survive. For how long? Perhaps the Copenhagen disaster of a summit has claimed yet another victim.

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if 2001 is first year
then 2010 is tenth year
I just double checked with my fingers.

Wait. Isn’t there the dreaded “Green Room” picture on that screenshot you’re displaying? I wouldn’t call that analysis but AGW propaganda. Just yesterday i clicked on exactly that picture because they have a reply form under the dreck they’re putting up there to tell the BBC that it’s bye bye from me.

They didn’t change a bit.

I’m glad I didn’t screw up on anything important like claiming CO2 will roast us all to death.

I think the debate can
be ‘settled’ without any science at all, other than the
science of human behavior.

Academic ‘A’ takes one side of a debate and enjoys an
enhanced career.

Academic ‘B’ takes the opposite side, is shunned by his
colleagues, censored in publications and demonized by the

I suspect academic ‘B’ must be on the right track if history
is any indicator.


2001 was the first year of the third millennium. 2000 was the last year of the second millennium. Although if you waited until January 1, 2001 to celebrate you would have been a year late.

The custom is to start counting with one, not zero so starting at 2001 it would follow that 2010 is the ninth year starting with 2001 as written above.

Then there’s the Holy Hand grenade of Antioch (-:

Thanks for reading.

Ummm… I think this is the 11th year of the 3rd millennium. Since the calendar is based on a persons life (Jesus), a person born on Jan 1, 2000 has now completed 10 years of life and is embarking on their 11th year.

Even if you consider conventional wisdom that says there is no year zero (although a 6 month old baby is 0.5 years old) that only eliminates one year and it becomes the 10th year.

Having said all that, I’m glad to hear that AGW Climate Change is taking the back seat it deserves. Even ManBearPig has been unusually quiet. He must be trying to figure out how to prop up his house of cards.


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