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COP15: Ed Milliband, Gordon Brown And Some Other "Jokers"

You know something very odd has happened in Copenhagen between Friday and Saturday when Luboš Motl and Plane Stupid’s Joss Garman write more or less the same thing about it. In the meanwhile, RC is silent, Stoat is silent, tamino is silent, Desmogblog has a pathetic “let’s be cheerful” attempt at blaming “politicians”, and Monbiot is entering paranoia territory.

Finally, a consensus has been reached!

100% of the people all over the world agree that 45,000 humans travelled to Denmark and made a lot of fuss for about two weeks, and all we’ve got is a declaration that is not worth a single paragraph of commentary. Give me another UN conference like this and we’ll be back to the League of Nations.

There’s more one should think about and I am sure it will slowly surface in the next few days. One question is who are the losers out of that all, and by that I mean the “jokers” that were presumed to be able to achieve something, proceeded to huff and puff a lot but were then demonstrated able to achieve nothing at all. Among them:

  • Yvo De Boer
  • Rajendra Pachauri and the IPCC
  • Al Gore and (admittedly, in a considerably lesser amount) Jim Hansen
  • Ed Milliband, Gordon Brown and the whole UK government
  • France, Germany and all other EU countries (apart, one suspects, from the Czech Republic)
  • Japan
  • Greenpeace, Avaaz and a list of greenie organizations just too eager to jump on the AGW bandwagon

When push came to shove, the Powers That Be did not care at all about the opinions of those listed above.

I wouldn’t be too harsh with the Maldives, most of the African nations, etc. They do not have much power to do anything at UN level, anyway. Russia has lost a bit, by not being included in the final five signatories, and for the same reason Brazil, India, and (mysteriously) South Africa have gained a little.

But let me say very clearly, as UK taxpayer I find the performance of the Ed Milliband particularly awful, and the absolute unimportance of anything Gordon Brown had to say especially embarrassing. Go, go, Gordon go!!


ps looks like it’s high time to get US or Chinese citizenship…

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I wouldn’t be too quick to convert to a U.S. taxpayer. Many of us are not too happy with the way things are going. I’m not at all happy that Secretary of State Clinton pledged money toward this $100B fund. I’ll be notifying all my representatives that I don’t want any of my tax money thrown away on that farce.

It looks like Brown, Miliband et al have had their last throw of the dice, and lost. There’s some analysis of Brown’s sudden and rather rash promise of 42% CO2 emissions cuts by 2020 here on the Taxpayer’s Alliance website; as one of the commenters notes, this begins to resemble a scorched-earth policy, to make things as uncomfortable as possible for whoever will succeed. (By coincidence, 42% by 2020 happens to be exactly the figure proposed by Friends of the Earth at least as far back as September.) Looking ahead, I don’t think it very likely that we’ll get an AGW-sceptic PM in 2010, who can begin to undo some of the damage, but this is surely something to work towards for 2014 – in politics (as in climate science) a lot can happen in a very short time.

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