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1970s Global Cooling Consensus A Fact Of History – My Article In Spiked Online

From “Same fears, different name? – Maurizio Morabito uncovers a 1974 CIA report showing that the ‘scientific consensus’ then was that the world was cooling” published on Dec 10 in Spiked Online

[…] We have a ‘widely accepted [by the scientific community]…global cooling trend’, at least judging from Mitchell’s work in 1972; doubts about that growing in the same scientific community from 1975/1976, as per Damon and Kunen’s paper; but not early enough to prevent Newsweek from publishing its 1975 article, one that even mentions a certain Dr Murray Mitchell. That means that pieces of the global cooling puzzle do suggest that cooling was a widely-held view in the 1970s.

Admittedly, such an agreed view did not last the whole decade: rather, it concerned the 1972 to 1975 period. Says who? Says the CIA, in a unique report I was recently able to re-discover in the British Library […]

This article is much longer than the Spectator’s and contains all the evidence one should need to establish that there was a scientific consensus on global cooling in the period 1972-1975.

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4mins 44 onwards about CRU and funding etc is also very revealing. (I paused to pop by here for the previous comment).

With food supplies so precariously dependent on the “whims” of nature, why do the “wise” men require us to effectively destroy food in order to produce “fuel” which is less efficient than what is already at hand?

And if, G-d forbid, worldwide disaster hits crops, then not only will people starve, but energy supplies will be hit, as well, thereby further limiting our ability to cope with the consequences.

If that’s the best our “brightest” can come up with, they are not only not very bright, but downright dangerous, as well.

For a sceptical (or perhaps simply defiant) view of global cooling, see the Red Flag (China’s now-defunct ideological journal) as quoted in a column by Victor Zorza in _The Times_ on 31st December 1973 entitled ‘New Ice Age pondered in Peking’.

I’d love to read a transcript of the original Red Flag article if you can find it. Zorza said it appeared in ‘last month’s issue’.

What Zorza said it said:

‘What shall we do when the minor Ice Age arrives? Will we have a doomsday? Certainly not. … Will mankind in fact return to an era of rising floods and fierce beasts? … Marxists are not afraid of heaven, or earth, or ghosts, let alone glaciers. Man has faced glaciers many times, and each time he is the victor, not the vanquished. If man faces glaciers again, what is there to fear? … the weather may well remain unpredictable, but we can come up with measures to counter such unpredictability. The weather may have one bag of tricks, but we have 10 bags of tricks waiting. Come what may, the revolutionary people are equal to any situation.’

Happy hunting!

I worked for Murray Mitchell for one year. He was a very good scientist and I think his temperature reconstruction for the Northen Hemisphere has merit. Its shape is very much like the censored Briffa MXD tree density series. Both series have 1900 and 1970 at about the same level with a peak warmth in between around 1935-1940.

I recently looked at one of his papers from that time where he discusses warming due to carbon dioxide. He says about 0.2 C of the warming can be attributed to CO2 which translates to a 1.07 C warming for a doubling of CO2.

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