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Al Gore Reverts To Sore-Loserhood, Resorts To Slander

Is this the best sign catastrophical AGW is beyond the sell-by date? Now we have Al Gore suggesting, in an interview to Italian archwarmist newspaper La Repubblica, that everybody not convinced about global warming being “the biggest threat to our civilization” is on the pay of the “big CO2 polluters.

Particularly risible the list of “global warming facts” (can’t wait to see Tamino, Greenfyre or RealClimate excoriate it):

The climate is changing. Glaciers are melting. Droughts happen more often. Southern Europe is threatened by desertification. And climate refugees are already abandoning the lowlands of Bangladesh, for example, threatened by rising sea levels. The melting of glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica are threatening catastrophic sea level rises. Floods are getting worse. Tropical diseases are moving from the Equatorial regions to Europe and other temperate zones. These are facts

Well, at least the “facts” don’t include hurricanes any longer.

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Malaria isn’t really a “tropical” disease at all — there was an epidemic in Arkhangelsk (in the Russian Arctic!) in 1936?

Barredo, J. I.: Normalised flood losses in Europe: 1970-2006, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci., 9, 97-104, 2009.
Flood losses in Europe not related to climate change

In a biography of Johnny Appleseed, who was in Ohio circa 1840, it mentions many cases of malaria. Johnny had lots of sympathy for them.

NEXT? MYTHS OF TROPICAL DISEASES (you know, like malaria)…

It was a very serious problem in colonial America at least up into Maryland,

“…seventeenth-century Chesapeake inhabitants
fared less well than did those who did not cross the Atlantic. For one
thing, despite improvements in diet, life expectancy in the Chesapeake
was lower than in most parts of England. Quite apart from the seasoning deaths of immigrants, recurrent bouts of malaria weakened men and
women for other diseases,”

Perhaps his disinformation on malaria should be the next thing the Goracle strikes from his list of climate myths?

What a sad state we are in, that our future rests in the paws of such delusional incompetents as Gore and his ilk.

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