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Expect A Major Announcement On Thursday Dec 3

A major announcement about the history of climate change is expected in mainstream media and this website for Thursday, Dec 3 2009.

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The weather forecast does not seem to expect snow in Italy, so it is probably that research has proven that the Turin Shroud does not show Jesus, but Rajendra Pachauri.
But it is snowing on this site, so I suppose that has something to do with it.

Hunting around for clues to Maurizio’s scoop in the more obscure corners of the blogosphere, I found this, at
“The EU is now officially headed by an aubergine, and a turnip. It’s actually two people, really, .. and never mind they look like Gary Larson’s characters..”
completely off-topic, except that it’s more evidence that Climategate has gone to Maurizio’s head ..

I have always been wondering whether the “hacker” that came across the CRU files also came across the “properties” of the data file containing the mails.
It would be splendid news to see who actually “saved” the files as well as when this took place.
There is no way a “passing by hacker” would be able to look through virtually tens of thousands of files and computer code to filter out those that might be compromising. This job was mooooost probably done by Jones himself. Only he would know what files/mails to look for and be able get it done in a matter of hours. Another person would need to copy everything from the CRU computer and thereafter spend weeks sorting out the relevant stuff. Reason for hiding/saving/deleting this stuff: FOIA of course.
“Properties” is the thing, timing before Copenhagen is perfect.
If however the “hacker” did copy the whole hard disk and published only what we have seen so far, there is surely more to come…

By the way – I also enjoy your web site a lot.

I hope you are right!

Perhaps President Barak Obama has realized that the US National Academy of Sciences used its influence over budgets of NASA, DOE, NSF, etc. to literally destroy the scientific integrity and reliablity of reports coming from these agencies.

What a nice gift that would be for future generations!

With kind regards,
Oliver K. Manuel
Former NASA PI for Apollo

There is a 99% chance it will appear in Italian media. There is a 90% chance it will appear in British media.

As a skeptic, I need to see it in print before believing it will have been made public 😎

There is only one Italian subject which is 90% certain to appear in the British press. Maurizio, you’re not suggesting that Silvio Berlusconi paid Rajendra Pachauri … no, please…

This would be a good time and place to mention that I really appreciate your work on this blog. I read it every day. Thanks so much.

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