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Climate Or Weather? Spot The Difference!

A decade of red wines?We’ve benefited from global warming

Seven years of “massive losses” caused by “parasitical insects? “The latest example of how climate change is dramatically altering the American West

Global temperature still lower than the 1998 maximum? “Chaotic year-to year-variability

Climate Change Culture Global Warming Humor Omniclimate

'Climate Swap'…Coming Soon To Your TV?

Inspired by Connolley’s 5-fold “oh dear”, about Gavin’s and Roger Jr.‘s mutual displays of affection:

Climate Swap“: Two groups of academicians, usually holding vastly different stances on AGW, swap professors/students (and sometimes janitors) for two weeks. In fact, the programme will usually deliberately swap scholars with extreme, polar opposite AGW opinions, such as a dramatically catastrophist Nature-published author swapping with a fastidiously no-anthropogenic-warming-at-all GRL-published one. Despite using a phrase from the swinging lifestyle, professors participating in the show do not share a bed with the “swapped” scholar while “swapping” AGW belief.