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'Changing Climate…Changing People' Hollywood Conference Videos

Changing Climate…Changing People

On November 18, 2008, Population Media Center conducted a daylong summit called Changing Climate…Changing People. The summit was held in partnership with the Writers Guild of America West, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Women in Film and the Environmental Media Association. The summit gave attention to the health and security consequences of climate change and the role that population growth plays in accelerating the climate crisis. Writers and producers of numerous American television shows attended the Summit.

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Wow, Luke and Geoff are clearly two individuals who have a lot of self-confidence in themselves and need to make themselves feel better by taking the piss out of other people.

From what I read on that article, it is good to see someone actually doing something with their life, unlike you two who just seem like depressing people, trying to make themselves feel that little bit better by mocking another.

Internationally, less than 1% of the science world deny climate change, yet 60% of the general public do. Most of which, have been influenced by big-business oil lobbyists who want to protect their short term profit maximisation.

From what I’ve read above, that lad is the one going to Oxford to study a Phd, not you too. Doesn’t that say it all?

Just found this via googlenews – was not even looking for climate

“One of the most striking manifestations of this is the current tendency to question the wisdom of the older generation, and even to condemn their moral status. “Adults have ruined our world” is the headline of an article published by an online magazine targeting children. It sets out to explain “how climate change is going to affect us as the next generation”. A similar message is communicated by the green crusader Jonathan Porritt, who informed children that “your parents and grandparents have made a mess of looking after the Earth”. He added: “They may deny it, but they are stealing your future.” Instead of being presented as role models, adults are being castigated for setting a bad example to the young.”


What a mess this all is.

Sorry, Tibetan kids.

Soot is one thing – the fact that the water would also be boiling at 87 deg C is another.

From this week’s Tibetan Times:
“From a young age, I had always wanted to be a Buddhist monk; but last week, after six months of non-stop rain, I was that gasping for a cuppa, I said “sod this for a lark, I’m off to Beijing to study electrical engineeering”.

Geoff (prepare large pinch of salt):

Surely his decision:

“I had always wanted to design computer games … I began to question my life’s direction.”

Would be the right one from your PoV?!?

This is all part of creating his own heroic life narrative but it’s just as fallacious as Adair Turner declaring banking to be not socially useful.

In fact to switch to a Benthamite mode – rather ironically, if he’d written CoD MW2 (the game “they’re” all up in arms about) – he’d probably have made a greater number of people happy and have had enough money to fund a lifetime of philanthropic projects.

Let’s not forget, those Nepali kids all want an Xbox 360 or a PS3.

sorts of makes sense when paired to the Avaaz lady talking to the PM, supposedly any anonymous girl and instead a long-time well-known campaigner

You think that’s bad? Try this lad:
“From a young age, I had always wanted to design computer games; but when, at the age of 17, I had the good fortune to visit the Tibetan Himalayas, I began to question my life’s direction. There, in the middle of three remote huts, was the power source for their entire village: a black sooty kettle sat at the focus of a set of battered old parabolic mirrors … I was shocked into wondering why, with all of the technology available to us, we in the West are unable to power our lives sustainably, and yet these people with such a primitive device can obtain all of the energy they need without emitting a single gram of carbon dioxide”.
To which the obvious response is: “fine, if all you want out of life is a cup of tea when the sun’s shining” and the obvious question is: “How did the kettle get sooty?”
… and he’s off to do a PhD in climate physics at Oxford University.

Excuse us, Maurizio, for hijacking your thread, but I don’t know anyone in Hollywood, whereas I do know people in Hounslow.

Sod Godwin, your link is the most depressing thing I’ve seen since the last depressing thing. Nearly 2000 comments about robins and icecaps, apparently from children (though nothing on the site suggests it’s aimed at kids. Is writing comments some kind of Geography class project?) Does the entire younger generation live in a Christmas card? Or are we deliberately raising two classes, proles addicted to violent video games, and a ruling class who go all mushy at the sight of a robin perched on a recycling bin?

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