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Skeptical About ‘The message From The Streets Of Tehran’

Nazenin Ansati and Jonathan Paris claim that “many in the [Iranian] Green Movement […] would like to see the international community exert pressure on the regime through a progressive set of smart, vigorous and targeted sanctions and more forceful advocacy of human rights” (“The message from the streets of Tehran“, IHT, Nov 7).

But haven’t “targeted sanctions” against the Iranian regime and a seemingly perennial “advocacy of human rights” been in place for decades? And what would any Iranian internal opposition movement ever gain from associating itself with foreign Powers, given the anti-Western-Governments paranoia widespread among the ruling classes, and the evidence of History suggesting that foreign intervention in Iran has invariably been for the worst?

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🙂 ooooh. I like that comment, Enzo Michelangeli. That’s a very good start without even mentioning that the phrase ‘Green Revolution’ should sound bells of recognition. Search information on ‘Color Revolutions’ as propaganda operations.
As to what it might accomplish – or not – I have tried to put together some of the more controversial ideas about Iran into some sort of analysis.’Fresh off the monitor’ so to speak
1 Dec – Following the Trail : Organized Destruction

But Nazenin Ansati and Jonathan Paris are not internal opposition: they are emigrés with careers depending on what their employers want to hear. Do you remember Ahmed Chalabi?

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