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Whatever Happened To The Blog Of Bloom?

Perhaps it just wasn’t meant to last. The Blog of Bloom, either The Best BBC Climate Blog…or their way of “showing impartiality”, is definitely no more.

The aura of mystery about its death at the end of July has just been slightly dissipated by Richard Black, writing in one comment to his “Biases, U-turns, and the BBC’s climate coverage” entry:

A few people including omnologos have asked what’s happened to the “blog of Bloom”. I know that the journalist who used to look after it has left – I’ll try to find out whether there are plans for it to continue

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far more than any US station criticises it’s own government

That’s not hard to do unfortunately. We’re stuck with cheerleaders, tingly legged homers who think their job is to protect crooks and democrat politicians at all cost.

papertiger: “Just left? Way I understand it, the Beeb is sort of the state journalism. ”

There are a great many misconceptions about the BBC, not surprising if you aren’t in the UK.
The BBC doesn’t have any kind of monopoly on news. There are 3 terrestrial commercial TV channels and many other commercial digital stations including Murdoch’s Sky News.
There are also a number of newspapers, only three of which could reasonably be described of left of centre – but even those three spend much of their time criticising the government – as does the BBC. I would suggest that the BBC criticises the government – any shade of government – far more than any US station criticises it’s own government, with the possible exception of Fox News.

It’s unfortunate that people outside the Uk who see the BBC’s blindness on AGW assume that it’s because it uncritically follows the government line on everything. That simply isn’t true.

What is true that virtually all media outlets in the UK, of all political persuasions, mainly parrot the AGW con – as do all the major parties of Right or Left.

Just left? Way I understand it, the Beeb is sort of the state journalism. Which would make their journalists civil service workers, with strong union protections. So the only way one of them would just leave would be via the going postal (link explains).
That or retirement.

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