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Newsweek Explains Berlusconi

Eye-opening article by William Ward in Newsweek (of all places!) explaining the “miracle” called Silvio Berlusconi:

[…] As strange as this preference seems to outsiders, there are several very Italian reasons for Berlusconi’s ongoing hold on politics at home […]

Italian voters have, in three general elections, chosen the devil they know over his dull and plodding opponents on the left. It’s not just for his showmanship; Italians also appreciate his hard work as a retail politician and electoral strategist […]

he attempts to muzzle his opponents and highlight his achievements through the media […] But in this he is merely following a well-trodden Italian tradition […]

his frequent complaints that Italy’s magistrates (a highly politicized and overwhelmingly leftist bunch) have it in for him are not entirely unreasonable […]

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Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference: Nov 15-18, Washington, DC

Received via e-mail:

The 2009 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference is an international conference focused on accelerating our transition to an energy-efficient and low carbon economy through an improved understanding and application of social and behavioral research insights. The 2009 BECC will be held November 15-18, 2009 at the Marriott Wardman Park in Washington, D.C. The conference aims to catalyze collaboration across government, utilities, businesses, and researchers and to share recent research and program results with the goal of achieving viable solutions for meeting long-term energy and GHG reduction

2009 BECC will bring together a diverse group of policy makers, energy experts, social scientists, managers and communicators to discuss the social and behavioral basis for, and practical implementation of, insights for reducing energy use through the adoption and application of more energy-efficient technologies, energy conservation activities, and lifestyle changes. The conference, featuring over 200 presenters in 40 topic sessions, will build on the overwhelming success of the sold-out 2008 BECC at which 700 participants discussed successful policy and program strategies, shared innovative research findings, and built dynamic new networks and means of collaboration.

Co-conveners: The 2009 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference is being convened by The American Council for and Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE); the California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE), University of California; and the Precourt Energy Efficiency Center (PEEC), Stanford University.

BECC Conference Program: A preliminary conference program is currently available online.

Online registration is available. Rates increase Oct. 14.

(Save the Date: BECC 2010 in Sacramento, CA, November 14 – 17, 2010)