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A Pickax Against Climatology (Beware Of Your Friends!)

It is funny to notice how, bit by bit, excuse-prone scientists are unwittingly destroying climate science.

For example now we know that decade-long temperature trends are irrelevant (if they cannot be used to show a cooling, or a stability in temperatures, obviously they cannot be used to show an increase either).

We also know that the number of strong Atlantic hurricanes is irrelevant (if the fact that there have been very few of late, cannot be used to invalidate AGW, then even if they return in large numbers, that won’t be suitable to demonstrate AGW either).

In other parts of the blogosphere, we are now learning that past reconstructions are irrelevant too (even if they’re wrong, it doesn’t matter to future warming).

And of course, the IPCC itself has declared in 2007 that attribution of a particular weather event to AGW may as well be impossible. Based on that logic, no mention of “global warming” or “global cooling” or pretty much anything else climate-related, makes any sense when talking about weather (trouble is, somehow all that irrelevant weather magically transmogrifies itself into “climate” over 30 years).

At this rate, climatology will soon remain as a bunch of pure “irrelevants”.

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If the current non-warming, the Met Office’s “single-decade hiatus”, goes on, more or less, for another twenty years, it wouldn’t surprise me to be then told that 30 years is no longer enough time to establish a significant trend in global temperatures. We’ll be told that the latest improved models show natural variability is able to mask the warming signal over three decades, but that we can expect global warming to return with a vengeance after 40 or 50 years. And when sceptics ask “30 years have passed, so where’s the warming?”, alarmist commentators can then say “Ha, you suckers! A 30-year trend? An elementary error – what you are talking about is just weather.”

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