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Many Thanks To David Appell (And Scientific American)

What is there to complain about David Appell’s “Stumbling Over Data: Mistakes Fuel Climate-Warming Skeptics” (Scientific American, August 2009)?

It is perfectly written: at the same time, a long defence of AGW orthodoxy, and an introduction to AGW skepticism, with McIntyre’s, Watt’s and Morano’s blogs explicitly mentioned. It can be read as a demonstration that “mistakes” on climate data are minor, and that they are symptoms of a larger issue.

We are told that “open-source data are ultimately a great thing” (no kidding!).

If I were an AGWer, I would start suspecting that with the change in Editor, there is some potential opening against the “consensus”.

2 replies on “Many Thanks To David Appell (And Scientific American)”

Hmmm… lots of very angry comments with the Scientific American editorial. Almost all negative. The few that were positive, were ill informed as well (McIntyre does publish in the peer reviewed literature). Lots of frustration here…

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