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The Secret Of Berlusconi’s Success

The Secret Of Berlusconi’s Success

Silvio Berlusconi’s opponents cannot admit that his success may be due not to sinister trickery, but to his greater popularity – an article by Filippo Facci available on The Guardian’s website.

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In a democratic system popularity is not a cause of success, it’s it’s definition. In turn, the cause of Berlusconi’s popularity _is_ sinister trickery, coupled with a typically Italian propensity of the voters to accept self-evident scoundrels as rulers as long as they appear to deliver some short-term benefit…

Non-sequitur? I didn’t state any logical implication: sequitur, unde?

Anyway, on which basis do you assume that ‘any argument against it could be answered by you as yet another example of “sinister trickery”’? Try me 🙂

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