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Going Back To the Moon: The Simplest Argument

It’s going to be far simpler to explore the Solar System with humans (and with robots) by starting from the Moon.

What is in fact at present the minimum requirement to reach orbit?

On Earth: Atlas LV-3B / Mercury (the one used in the John Glenn’s launch below)
Total Mass: 116,100 kg (255,900 lb)
Diameter: 3.05 m (10.00 ft)
Length: 25.00 m (82.00 ft)

On the Moon: Apollo Lunar Module Ascent Stage
Mass: 4,670 kg (10,300 lb)
Diameter: 4.2 m (13.78 ft)
Length: 3.76 m (12.34 ft)

Case closed.

2 replies on “Going Back To the Moon: The Simplest Argument”

Genius! You know though that this isn’t about REALLY going into space and learning about it. This is about machoism and presenting an image of authority – the two of which are like egg white/yoke. Most people don’t see space as a good thing, instead they see it as a waste of time and resources that could be better spent here.

I find it interesting that when you look at this from a math perspective, it makes no sense at all to expand our species on the surface of this planet.

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