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Vanessa George’s Case A Potential Miscarriage Of Justice

A nursery worker with 10 years of experience is “charged with a series of sexual assaults on children“.

I am not convinced by those charges.

The police has been strangely describing some of the images in their possession as “only of torsos. Not even one “victim” has been identified so far.

It is also shameful that Ms George’s photograph has been allowed for printing in the media, thereby marking her for life whatever the outcome of the judicial process.

Sexual assaults by women on young children are quite rare (but not too rare – DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A STRONG STOMACH). In any case, they are rare enough to warrant a higher level of skepticism than usual before believing the police is not just risking yet another British miscarriage of justice.

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I am really amazed by the number of people that believe I or anybody else would have to see any problem in being shown wrong. Please do grow up. And check out all the occasions in which miscarriages of justice did indeed happen.

One of your tesimonials is “Maurizio is one of lifes great people, he gives the precious gift of knowledge, and he encourages great thought and debate. He doesn’t go for the pat or glib answer, he goes for the right answer, and always researches it.”

I’m not saying you have a problem in being shown wrong.

It’s just that you just haven’t accepted that you were wrong. That’s all.

Perhaps, as some are quick to condemn the accused, you were a tad too quick to condemn the police. I’d just like to respectfully point out that you’ve done what you abhor, which is pass judgement without thinking first. Apologies if this offends, but it is what happened.

Until the law changes and the offender in sex cases gets the same anonymity as the alleged victim, then photos will be found, and used.

Carl – Let’s start with the obvious consideration that with the help of hindsight, nobody has ever been able to be wrong. But that wasn’t available to me, or anybody else, on 11 June.

So: was George’s case in the end a miscarriage of justice? No (at least, as far as we know…think of Ian and Angela Gay). And yet…was it a potential miscarriage of justice, 4 months ago? Yes. Did I pass judgement on anybody? Only in the sense that printing the pictures of a potentially innocent person IS something any self-respecting person should be ashamed of, whatever says the Law. Likewise for the police or whomever else distributes a person’s photographs before the case goes to Court.

I am much more afraid of the totally-unfair, neverending hell unleashed on a wrongly-accused innocent than of the few weeks of anonimity that would otherwise be given to somebody guilty of however awful a crime. Obviously, you think otherwise. That’s why it’s an “alleged victim” against an “offender” in your world, rather than an “alleged offender” as well.

ps regarding the relationship between sex and the British media, I have just read an interesting and somehow topical article on the current issue of the LRB: Rumour Is Utterly Unfounded

Well, she’s just admitted to her crimes, including her motivation, and said she knew it was wrong and “vile”.

Guess it’s not a miscarriage of justice after all, eh?

general if you have seen any of the images i would like to chat one on one a VERY UPSET PARENT
thanks shell

hi general i am a parent of one of those children and i agree and with what i have been told she is as guilt as sin

i cant really say as the police are still gathering more evidence – but i assure u she is guilty. The person she was sending images to was Colin Blanchard who is now arrested. I knew him.

All will be revealed at the case trial but its not good and the images vanessa/colin had are extremly disturbing.

let me tel u something – the images of the torsos are on vanessa goerges phone. Which means she is involved. Would you take pictures of other peoples children on ur mobile phone, their torsos ? Myabe thats all the police could say at the moment due to the sensitive nature of this case. Every parent would be distressed further if they released informtion on what vanessa goerge was doing.

I ma a firm beliver of innocent until proven guilty, but the police has something which means she has some involvment with colin blanchard from rochdale.

you dont know what you are talking about if you were involved you would understand, but your not

Hi Michelle – I am also a parent and the one who fortunately for alot of people got vanessa george arrested.

I am sorry your child may have been involved and you must be really worried.

I dont know vanessa, only colin but as it transpired colin had been receiving the images on his Iphone from vanessa. I am sorry i cant say what i have seen. But i pray to god for justice to colin & vanessa for what they have done or part of. This world unfortunately contains sick people. Vanessa seems to be just a piece in colin blanchards jigsaw puzzle. The police are finding new evidence regularly and he has now been charged with vanessa as one case in september.


Hi General,

Congratulations on shopping Blanchard. I sincerely hope they throw away the key.
Can I discuss this case with you..

u r right to be skeptical – the nets full of time wasters and half lifers – but i assure you, she is guilty!!

I think you’ll find it’s in the majority of the press today. And on the BBC you can find on Iplayer the Inside Out programme where you hear, in her own voice, her repeating how she knew she was doing wrong.

Maurizio – this isn’t a miscarriage of justice. This is a fair cop.

Take it on the chin, eh?

I’m having to put my reply here, as you appear to have left off the reply button on your long comment above.
Was it a potential miscarriage? Well, every case is a potential miscarriage. Every case.
Did you pass judgement – yes, on the media and on the police.
As the law stands – the law – the press can print pictures of a person arrested for whatever. If you think reporters should be ashamed of abiding by the law, then you need to start campaigning for a change in reporters’ morality, not just the law.
I don’t agree with the media frenzy which centres around a wrongly accused person, so don’t claim that I do. I do agree with a measured, balanced report that someone has been arrested in connection with a crime being investigated. And I say this as a crime reporter, so I have a bit of experience in that area.
I hear and recognise what you’re saying – no, really I do – and in the main I agree with you.
I briefly worked with John Sweeney of the BBC and he’s had more experience than most covering appalling miscarriages of justice and the media witch-hunt which follows. It was always an education listening to him about how miscarriages come about. I am equally appalled by how some newspapers (particularly nationals, but even locals on occasion) respond to arrests.
It’s just that in this particular case, two people who originally commented on your site knew a lot more than the general public and were able to comment accordingly.
It does appear that the main reasons you were “not convinced of those charges” was a) they were only torsos and b) women paedophiles are rare.

Well – the result is a) they were only torsos and b) women paedophiles are only rare, because no-one has ever properly evaluated how many there may be. And no-one’s really looking.

In this case, both George and Allen were stumbled upon out of pure luck. Nothing else. It has, however, opened up the debate about female abusers. And not before time.

Thank you Carl. Slightly longer reply: “can” is not “must”. To print the picture of a person arrested is allowed, not mandatory. To print the picture of a person arrested of an abysmally heinous crime, given all the miscarriages of justice of the recent part, is something I find abhorrent.

On the subject of “how miscarriages come about”, it is a topic I am much interested into but I am obviously still in need to learn a lot about, given how I misunderstood the Vanessa George case. If you have written already about that, or have some good article to share, or if you would like to write up something I can publish in this blog, feel free to let me know.

Why do you assume that cases of women sexually abusing children are ‘rare enough’…?
Women have the same capability for committing evil acts as men – please do not argue the case for this person simply because she is female, surely in this day and age you are not that naive?
Police do not raid nurseries and arrest female members of staff on a whim. There have been enough cases reported in the media over recent years that completely negate your claim regarding the rarity of females sexually abusing children. Don’t be so innocent please!

total agree today a woman was found out as sending porno of her own kids….SICK SICK SICK

Obviously we can only talk together of information that is available to all of us. Anybody can post a comment claiming they have seen anything, but that is beyond what anybody else can comment on.

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