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From Sweden, A New Hypothesis On The Popularity of AGW

Klimatpolitiken en ny skattebas?“…”Climate Policy, another tax revenue source?”

That is the title of an article (original in Swedish, here’s Google’s translation) making the allegation that by at least some politicians, AGW is being used as a way to extract more money from the people, thus covering rising health care costs

Runaway costs of health care, medication and care for a rapidly aging population have sent the entire political class in a treasure hunt – they must quickly find a new tax revenue source. In the taxation of carbon dioxide, they believe they have found the solution. Through an unprecedented disinformation campaign following Lex Luthor’s principle: “The more fear you create, the greater the change”, they will lead us into enthusiastically accepting a sharp rise in the tax burden in the belief that we are saving the world.

One reply on “From Sweden, A New Hypothesis On The Popularity of AGW”

It’s hardly a new idea, but it would explain why many AGW alarmists are also against nuclear energy — because the aim is not to reduce CO2 emissions at all, but to raise revenue from carbon taxes (which requires that society remain fossil-fuel-dependent).

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