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AGW Fascism Reaches European Union Elections

(thanks to Piero Vietti for pointing this out)

AGW Fascists have gone full-throttle for the upcoming elections for the European Union Parliament. Even the mildest of non-catastrophist objection is described as a terrible political sin, akin to racism and the denial of the Holocaust.

First example, the PES (European Socialist Party) publishing a list of “Twelve Terrible Candidates

This PES document presents a selection of terrible European election candidates of other European political parties. We criticize not the candidates but their views. We do so because voters have a right to see not only the candidates they can vote for directly, but also their European allies. The selection presented a difficult choice and there are certainly other candidates with even more absurd or offensive views.

Nonetheless, outside our social democratic family there are an unknown number of candidates who deny the holocaust, defend fascism, oppose Government action on climate change and hold other views that deserve to be condemned or laughed at. Whatever your reaction, we are pleased to present some candidates with views that will contribute nothing positive to the European Parliament.

One doesn’t need too good a memory to understand how profoundly Stalinist is what the PES has attempted.

Anyway, the list is moslty risible, including Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi just because European Socialists find him personally unpleasant, and former Romanian Minister of Justice Monica Macovel as guilty of denouncing her country’s notoriously sleazy politics.

Were it not for BNP’s Nick Griffin, the “Twelve Terrible Candidates” list would be a complete farce.

And who do we find among the “defenders of fascism” and “deniers of the Holocaust“? Why, Mr. Hynek Fajmon, Member of the European Parliament since 2004 for the Czech Republic. Included because “voted against the European Parliament’s report on EU future policy on climate change (e.g. [sic] the ‘Florenz report’).” (the shock! the horror!)

Hynek Fajmon? Who he? Perhaps a rabid AGW slayer, the owner of 200 SUVs and 15 Hummers, Exxon’s response to Al Gore? Of course not. Mr Fajmon’s unspeakable action deserving “to be condemned or laughed at” includes the following genocidal, baby-eating, wife-beating, kitten-torturing words anybody with two functioning neurons should be able to agree with as a matter of course:

The Florenz report asserts that the climate undertakings adopted by the EU in 2007 are insufficient and that they must be increased. I do not agree with this. As long as the EU is the only part of the world reducing its emissions then the target of reducing global emissions will never be achieved.

Sadly, the PES is not alone. Here’s what “lead Welsh Labour candidate Derek Vaughan” told the BBC on June 2:

the Tories have pledged to sit with racists and those who deny that global warming is a man-made problem

There you are, you (we) despicable climate skeptics! And you still call yourselves humans??? Tsk tsk. Wait until the PES and Derek Vaughan get their way, and the shame will befall upon you lot!!

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You are so left-winged non racist and non censorship, that you put moderation on your blog so that you can only put what you like to see, people like you should be hanged!

Such stupid people shouldn’t even be allowed to have a blog. You are among those who think that Socialism is a great ideology, well it is the ideology of those who are dumb, those who believe in fake promises. Take a look at the Left-Wing countries like China, Cuba or even less socialist like in South America and you see their actions against Climate Changes… NONE WHATSOEVER so stop believing in stupid ideas and join the ones who don’t lie.

Since my British-fairplay defence of Environmentalists against the accusation of Fascism, I note that Guardian Environment has published two articles advocating the censorship of anti-global-warming / pro-consuming views. So let’s say I’m open to persuasion, and happy that there’s a space here where Godwin’s Law doesn’t apply…
(ps I do think you should translate your views on your Italian site about the lack of a sense of humour in the British press with respect to the President of the Council. The comments should be worth reading).

To JohnLevett,
While agreeing wholeheartedly with Maurizio’s arguments, I find the use of the term Fascist or eco-fascist or AGW-fascist (or Maurizio’s “Stalinist”) extremely unhelpful. I agree that there may be some objective similarities between the Green Parties and the National Socialists in the 1920s: both are essentially left-wing breakaway groups with a strong minority presence on the political stage, due to the collapse of traditional party loyalties. But you have to live with the fact that “fascist” in modern parlance means “willingness to murder millions”, and Ms Lucas and M. Cohn-Bendit, for all their numerous faults, have not yet crossed that Rubicon.
I am personally quite happy to be labelled a denier, or even Denialist. Tory, Whig, Leveller and Quaker; all these terms were insults accepted by their victims (ironically) as the normal sobriquets for their parties. You can do that in a country like Britain, where no-one will assassinate you because of the label you assume. Let’s keep it like that.
(PS I’ve been on Maurizio’s Italian blog, and discovered that we are 180° apart politically. So what? I learned about the subtlety of European politics reading Don Camillo when I was 13 (maybe I should have read Manzoni…)

geoff – one should perhaps define strong words every time they are used but…it was a blog on politics; it talked about a Socialist party; their behaviour is the one of people grouping themselves in, in slash-and-burn opposition to everybody else (one of the original meanings of Fascio, “bundle”).

So you’ll have to forgive me on this but the use of “AGW Fascism” was just too appropriate to miss!!

What I meant to say was ‘happy to call those with a healthy scepticism…’

Just whom we are equated to does not need spelling out..

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