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Mooney, or The Tragedy Of The Virginal AGW Believer

Thomas Richard at Climate Change Fraud links (using what might be unfortunate and wholly un-necessary homophobic undertones) to Chris Mooney’s rather unusual “Thanks for the Traffic, Morano” blog.

Mooney’s contribution to the global consciousness contains pearls of literature like the following:

So…my last post, “The Deniers’ Last Stand,” has had quite a lot of incoming traffic from ClimateDepot. I guess Marc Morano over there somehow thinks I help him make his point

It must be the first time ever that somebody has in any way lamented somebody else’s incoming link to his blog…

Anyway…I find it telling that Mooney is surprised by the amount of traffic coming from ClimateDepot, and feels the need to write: “So Mark: Let’s keep linking to each other“.

What it is telling is that usually Mooney, like several other AGWers I have met in all these years debating the topic, cannot even contemplate providing his readers with links to non-AGW sites. Because he disagrees with their content to the point of pretending it does not actually exist.

It’s an attitude reminding at the same time of an inferiority complex, childishness, an urge to censor, and/or a fear of reading anything not singing one’s own tune, lest the virginal eyes of the AGW believers be poisoned by non-conforming writings.

Time will tell which of the above interpretations is correct.

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Romm’s blog is a (sad) joke. If Friedman thinks it essential reading, that explains why Friedman has been going off the rails for some time now on climate stuff.

After reading your post I realized that I inadvertently implied the other kind of ‘homo’ in the first line. I changed it so there would be no confusion. Thanks for pointing that out. The last thing I ever want to be accused of is homophobic! It goes against everything I believe in. Thanks again.

The no linking policy is funny.

I was amazed early on to learn just how much traffic ice cap drives. Anthony mentioned my post, that got picked up at icecap and a link to my post was on their page. Wow! RealClimate has linked me twice. If the link hadn’t appeared in trackbacks, I wouldn’t detect it from traffic.

(Part of the issue is also that RC’s style of interweaving links may mean people aren’t tempted to click.)

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