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Greenies As Modern-Day Hitlerites

And it’s not even my idea…

From the BBC’s Climate Change – The Blog of Bloom
Hitler: the green movement’s German shepherd?
by Shanta Barley

Ever wondered why it is that Germany […] is so far ahead of the rest of the world in the race to be green?

According to Lord Anthony Giddens’ latest book, ‘The Politics of Climate Change‘ and a number of respected historians, Hitler may have given Germany a head-start. Not only did he pass the most stringent and comprehensive environmental protection law in the world at that time, but he also had a soft spot for vegetarianism, organic nibbles and animal welfare (up until the point when he poisoned his doting German Shepherd, Blondi, that is).

The Nazi “ecologists” […] had the aim of preventing damage to the environment in undeveloped areas, protecting forests and animals and reducing air pollution.’

Incredibly, it gets even juicier than one could have ever dreamed

[…] the Nazis, […] says Peter Staudenmaier, co-author of the book ‘Ecofascism’ were ‘conscious promoters and executors of a vile program explicitly dedicated to inhuman racist violence, massive political repression and worldwide military domination. Their “ecological” involvements, far from offsetting these fundamental commitments, deepened and radicalized them‘. […]

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ecologie hasn´t color no green, red, brown, white, black or mix. Is like love: sweet, fascinating, amazing and will the next the World demolish, or if you preffer save. It depends of the intelligenze of the Palace Wachers and their capacity to decide. We are spectators, we aren´t asked for our opinion, it isn´t interesting to this Despots. Now if you heard Screams, Run and Oh God save us think on me, because I warn you son of a Bitch.

Years ago I was reading a blog with perhaps 60% greenies and 40% dissenters. A new poster appeared with statements supporting the green philosphy. The new poster did about a half dozen posts and the greenies enthusiastically supported the new poster.

Then the new poster revealed that all his posts were extracts from Mein Kampf by Hitler. The greenies were not happy.

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