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Pupils: Brothels, Not Wind Farms

Not-so-surprising results from a “survey of sixth year students at a Scottish secondary…quizzed on what they would like to see provided in their town” by the “Selkirk Regeneration Group (SRG)“.

One student suggested a house for prostitutes.

The pupils voted against a wind farm.

Cue a customary “a disappointing outcome” quote from SRG chairman Dr Lindsay Neil, and mention that “more [needs] to be done to ‘get the message across’“. Why has he bothered to ask, one wonders.

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As the student who suggested the brothel, I would like to point out that I was speaking entirely in jest. I can’t BELIEVE this story has made it to BBC News! XD

Sounds like the quality of education in the West is settling at the lowest common denominator!!! Wouldn’t surprise me to get a similar outcome in Government schools here in the US.

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