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Freedom House E Il Declassamento Dell’Italia: Appuntamento A Giugno

Tanto e tanto fugace parlare del declassamento dell’Italia a Paese “parzialmente libero” da parte di Freedom House. Prima di stracciarsi le vesti (ed incolpare Berlusconi di tutto) consiglierei pero’ di aspettare qualche settimana, perche’ il rapporto dettagliato sull’Italia, dove si spiegano le ragioni del declassamento, dovrebbe uscire a Giugno 2009.

Per ora esiste solo qualche riga nel Comunicato Stampa generale: dove si parla di un aumento dell’uso di tribunali e delle leggi contro la diffamazione; fisica e “extra-legale” intimidazione in aumento da parte del crimine organizzato e di organizzazioni di estrema destra; e “preoccupazioni” riguardo la proprieta’ e l’influenza esercitata sui media. In particolare:

Il ritorno del magnate delle comunicazioni Silvio Berlusconi come Primo Ministro ha risvegliato paure riguardo la concentrazione delle stazioni radiotelevisive private o di proprieta’ dello Stato sotto la guida di una singola persona”.

Quanta parte del declassamento e’ stata basata su queste “paure”? Staremo a vedere…

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Peer Review (And Fraud) Ain't The Only Things To Fix In Modern Science

Worried about Editors of scientific publications overeager to publish only what confirms and conforms to their prejudices? Of peer reviewers too friendly to their omerta-based ilk and too ideological to accept what may contradict their work?

And now there is something else to worry about, in the realm of scientific publishing: foul play in citation (aka “bibliographic negligence” and “citation amnesia“).  That is, the malpractice to “forget” the citation of a rival’s article, or of previous research that would detract from the allegedly unprecedented, ground-breaking nature (and therefore, importance) of one’s article.

As suggested by Richard Gallagher in the same article, the solution may be straightforward:

We need a code of practice for citation, which journals should adopt explicitly. Gene Garfield called for this many years ago, suggesting that authors sign a pledge or oath that they have done a minimal search of the literature and that to the best of their knowledge there is no other relevant work. This is, in fact, the oath one signs when filing for a US patent.

But can the above be used to poo-poo modern science? Au contraire. Listen to Gallagher again:

Judging by the amount of publicity for fraud and greed in science, standards appear to be in freefall. I am not sure that I buy it. I think that the openness gifted us by the Internet is revealing the lax standards that have been in place all the time. The purifying glare of publicity may actually help us [the scientists] get our house in order—I wish that the editors of research journals would get this.