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AGWers At A Loss With The British Public

That’s the impression after reading the reactions to Martin Livermore’s “Cold reality of global warming efforts” opinion piece in the BBC’s “Green Room“. Most of the comments are definitely not on the AGW side, and the few that are, are mostly about ad-hominems against Mr. Livermore.

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What I find interesting is how people just don’t seem to fit the scale of things in their heads. First they think man and man made activity is so abundant on the planet that we are destroying the atmosphere and everything under it, but then they think there’s so few of us that we have plenty of space to grow biofuel crops, set up solar panels and run wind farms.

I would like to think that their common sense and intelligence have finally brought them to the realization that they are being scammed!!

Sadly, like here in the US, I believe they are just realizing that it will COST THEM THEIR COMFORT!!

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