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On Drowning Fishes And Dizzy Eagles

A preventative blog title for what will certainly appear very soon on mainstream newsmedia around the world. How can I be so sure? Well, all I had to do was to read how a volcano threatens Galapagos wildlife (from CBS, but the news is everywhere).

How on Earth can a volcano “threaten” the ecosystems of the Galapagos?

Doesn’t any journalist realize that all Galapagos wildlife not only has survived millions of years of volcanic activity, not only has lived next to all that volcanic activity, it has positively evolved in its own special ways BECAUSE of the volcanic activity?

ps what has this got to do with climate change? The basis for the alarm is because lava coming out of a volcano that last erupted four years ago (!!) could disrupt the “delicate equilibrium” of Nature. Just like a slightly warmer planet would…

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This reminds me of a TV nature documentary I watched a few years ago, about the wildlife inhabiting the new island in the Sunda Straits, where Krakatoa used to be. The descendants of the current population of animals and plants will probably be wiped out en masse in a future eruption. But on the other hand they wouldn’t even be there in the first place if it wasn’t for the vulcanism.

There does not seem to be a deity called Nature, who looks after the interests of all species great or small. “Nature” does not care about Darwin’s finches, and would happily replace them with pigeons, fruit bats, pterodactyls or nothing at all, given the chance.

On the other hand, it is clear that we humans may value other species, when they are useful to us, in that they have nutritional, medicinal, educational or aesthetic properties that we like. However, there are costs and benefits to be considered with any action we might take. We cannot “save” everything in the world.

You are right, IMO about the error of applying some sort of “balance of nature”
idea to the climate. Notions about man upsetting the equilibrium of nature and bringing about the Deluge through his sins owe more, I think, to religious themes such as those that plentifully occur in the Old Testament.

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