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Perche’ La Suina Non Mi Spaventa

Ecco il messaggio a Radio24 che mi ha fatto ricoprire di “complimenti”

In merito alla suina, noto che dopo l’insuccesso di ieri con tutti gli ascoltatori intervenuti a “Express yourself” scettici, molto scettici o addirittura sarcastici, tornate oggi alla carica sullo stesso argomento.

Perche’ non provate invece a spiegare come un totale di 8 (OTTO!!) morti accertate finora, e qualche DECINA di casi non mortali, a confronto di MIGLIAIA DI MORTI OGNI ANNO in Europa e negli USA per la normale influenza (figuriamoci in Messico o in Cina), dovrebbero cambiare l’atteggiamento logico e naturalissimo di non farsi prendere per il naso dall’ennesima emergenza mediatica?

Vi siete dimenticati delle centrali nucleari francesi che si rompevano tutte assieme e poi no; dei pitbulll che mordevano tutti negli stessi giorni e poi no; dei filmati di bullismo a scuola pubblicati su YouTube nello stesso periodo e poi no; della SARS che ci doveva far ammalare e poi no; del riscaldamento globale che ci doveva arrostire e poi no; degli uragani che stavano aumentando e poi no; delle calotte polari che si scioglievano e poi no; degli orsi bianchi che affogavano e poi no…

Quante volte bisogna spaventarsi di fronte a radio, TV e giornali per poi scoprire che l’emergenza non era un’emergenza, prima di mettere dei filtri molto potenti e non allarmarsi a meno che non si veda qualcosa di palesemente serio? Come per esempio un aumento a dismisura dei morti di suina in Messico, o da qualunque altra parte. Ne avete forse notizia?

Comunque non sono io fra quelli che pensano che sia tutto il risultato di una grande cospirazione. Se volete saperne di piu’ leggete quanto scriveva Pierluigi Battista sul Corriere della Sera del 4 Agosto 2008… “La fabbrica delle emergenze

saluti e buon lavoro. e grazie del podcast che mi permette di non perdere mai neanche una puntata

Italia Italiano Radio24

Il Sottoscritto E’ “Puntuto” e “Tignoso”…

…lo hanno detto urbi-et-orbi oggi (30 Aprile) a Radio24 Stefano Pistolini ed Emiliano Errico, conduttori della trasmissione “Jefferson Due – L’arte della svolta” (Facebook), subito prima di leggere un estratto da un mio messaggio riguardo l’influenza suina.

Finalmente un argomento riguardo il quale i piu’ saranno sicuramente d’accordo!!

Pero’ hanno anche detto che mi “vogliono bene”, e ahime’ la popolarita’ di tale sentimento e’ sicuramente minore…

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UK Met Office (and the BBC): A Warm Summer Is A Good Summer

Now it’s the UK Met Office and the BBC delivering us the “good news” that a warmer-than-average summer is indeed a “much better” summer. Who would have guessed, when in the past they have been warning us no end about the risks, dangers, threats caused by…warmer-than average temperatures?

The story starts with dear old Roger Harrabin near the end of the BBC Radio4 Six O’Clock News for April 30, 2009 (click here to listen to the programme in full). Harrabin interviews Pat Boyle from the Met Office about their just-published seasonal forecast for Summer 2009 (“Summer temperatures across the UK are likely to be warmer than average and rainfall near or below average for the three months of summer“).

Imagine the happy surprise upon hearing Harrabin describe Ms Boyle as “delighted” about the “good news“; Ms Boyle herself talking of “good news” for the “UK tourism industry“, for “people staying at home” and for “farmers“.

That’s right: “farmers“, as in “people able to produce more stuff from the cultivation of the soil and the husbandry of animal because the summer is going to be warmer than average”. And so it is official: a warmer summer is a better summer indeed.

Note also the phraseology used by Chief Meteorologist Ewen McCallum (full transcript) in a YouTube-available interview:

I think last year and the year before were absolute miserable summers. […] This summer will be back to much better summers […] So, much better – get the BBQ out. […] So, a pretty good summer.

Even when avoiding any positive tone in the related web article about a possible “sizzling summer”, Harrabin can’t help mentioning “cheery optimism” near the end in the sense of “being optimist it is going to be a good summer”.


So is the idea of “warming” finally presented on the BBC in a positive light? How can this be for real? Remember back in 2005, when “millions” were expected to be “hit by global warming”, and “animals” too, and the English country garden was “unlikely to survive in the South East in its present form” because of 1.5-3C of warming?

But don’t you worry. With Copenhagen’s huge Climate Change Extravaganza coming up in December 2009, expect plenty of warming stories in the BBC, and elsewhere in the media, as soon as the thermometer will hit the 30C/86F mark.

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Media Scare Stories As Antidote To (Boring) Real Life

(The below is my translation of an article originally in Italian. It refers to news "episodes" from around August 2008, but the conveyed message is very applicable in most of what the media want to report, climate included)

The Manufacturers of Crises
Nuclear power. pitbull attacks, excessive heat, excessive cold … crises all, until forgotten
by Pierluigi Battista – Corriere della Sera (Italy), Aug 4, 2008

Suddenly, all at once, incidents have started to happen in French nuclear power plants, preferably in those located near the Italian border. Remarkably, after nothing seemingly had happened for years if not decades. From time immemorial there had been no reports of accidents, no failures, no hazard to things and above all to people. But when all of a sudden, on the back of climbing oil bills, there are again talks about nuclear energy, there comes a series of nuclear incidents, as if on cue.

Newspapers report about them, the public is alarmed. It looks like an epidemic of nuclear troubles, but a ‘geographically focused’ epidemic. There are no reports of difficulties at a nuclear power plant away from the Italian borders. The longer the distance, the lower the thrill. It is important that the ghost of a radioactive cloud lies very near: a whiff of wind and here it comes, in homage to the free movement of poisons.

And so it is time for scare stories about a "nuclear crisis". A gift for those in search of plots everywhere, loving the magic phrase "it is no coincidence" more than anything else.

Why are all those news being reported together? What’s behind, and above, and next?

Please rest assured. There’s nothing behind and above. There is no occult Specter of misinformation, no fabled opaque all-controlling network. There’s only the media’s own neurosis, continuously churning a crisis and then leaving it behind without regrets.

There is an impalpable emotional undercurrent, soon transforming itself into a contagious psychosis, a fear, and overemphatic titles, only then to withdraw to a tired, marginal, insignificant, gray routine not worthy of any public attention.

Nowadays it is called "Nuclear Crisis", but as soon as the danger will pass, the crisis will deflate. As it has happened with all past crises, and will happen to all future ones. Like when it seems that the most ferocious dogs have all agreed to maul owners and passers-by at the same time. That’s the "pitbull crisis", followed by another apparent collective agreement among the same fierce dogs to mutate into charming domesticated animals. So the crisis disappears, only to resurface, only to sink again beyond visibility.

Then, as if obeying to a hidden command, in every Italian surgery room tools are casually left inside patients and/or peritonitis sufferers see their knees operated instead. That’s a "health crisis", destined to a temporary fix and then to a temporary crisis and so on and so forth.

A "drought crisis" is replaced by a "flood crisis". A summer’s "heat crisis" is followed by a winter’s "cold crisis". The "global warming crisis" is a harder item to crack, yet it is still slave to the capricious movements of the thermometer.

Some crises are able to trigger apocalyptic, indomitable feelings. The  (forgotten) "SARS crisis", the "mad cow crisis", the "bird flu crisis" which according to reliable estimates by reputable global organizations should already have had to reap an incalculable number of human victims.

And do not forget the ‘paedophilia crisis", usually building up with the slow discovery of perpetrators’ networks and ending with spectacular raids.

At this very moment, people talk of a "nuclear crisis". It ‘s a nuclear emergency. And yet, this too will pass.

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Overheard On The Swine Flu Hotline


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Charles Windsor's Climate Number Game

(thanks to Svipop for pointing this out)

May 18, 2008: “Prince Charles: Eighteen months to stop climate change disaster

April 27, 2009: “Charles: 99 months to prevent disaster

Somebody please send him a calculator!!

And so…there goes the climate-change-debate relevance of a rich guy traveling the world in luxury jets and vast motorcades.

ps Interestingly, the BBC has classified its report in the “Europe” section. No mention so far in “Science & Environment”.

English International

Swine Flu: An Epidemic Of Noise

Hard to conceal for TV journalists their salivation for a good international scare story with plenty of potential victims served over a bed of untold but well-suggested horrors…

The WHO seems to add to the worries, even if the number of attributed dead is minimal. And with symptoms almost identical to common flu’s, the risk of misdiagnosis and inflation in the number of swine flu victims is enormous.

What if instead the swine flu outbreak is being used to “test out” the capabilities of the international community, or even as a show-off to prevent an attempt of biological terrorism?

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Tanto Rumore Per La Suina

Un po’ troppo rumore, per l’influenza suina. A meno che da domani non comincino a morire i Messicani a migliaia (no, non me lo auguro).

E se fossero “prove tecniche di difesa antibatteriologica”? Una specie di “prova di forza” per mostrare cio’ di cui la comunita’ internazionale sarebbe capace.

Per intanto notizie bloccate su un’epidemia che si manifesta (a parte dei morti) con gli stessi sintomi della influenza che capita ogni anno.

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Why Al Gore Will Not Debate Global Warming

Time will tell if it is just hype, the Morano/Monckton story about Al Gore having been “shielded” by Democrats in the US House of Representatives from a potential debate with Lord Monckton himself. Personally I am not sure if a debate among expert witnesses is what a parliamentarian committee is expected to experience.

In any case, Al Gore cannot debate global warming / climate change. As things stand, he might simply be psychologically unable to do so.

Doesn’t anybody remember Gore’s verbal manhandling of BBC’s climate-change archbeliever Roger Harrabin of all people, because poor Harrabin had dared asking questions?

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I Will Be At The London RGS Climate Engineering Event

14 May at 7pm, London (UK) SW7 2AR

Details: “Engineering Our Climate” (Royal Geographical Society)

Cost: £10

I will be there.

And I am not suggesting to wear a white armband as a sign of protest against lunatic geo-engineering ideas.

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Goldman Prizes Show There Is A More Serious Side To Environmentalism

Six prizes for the “Nobel Prize for grassroots environmentalism“, and not even one climate change/global warming/CO2 project in sight.

And out of 130+ winners in the history of the Goldman Prize, only a handful with even a remote connection to global warming.

Some sign of hope or what?

Berlusconi Italia Italiano Politica

Berlusconi Non E’ Piu’ Berlusconi…

……Berlusconi, adesso, e’ tutto.

Ci manca solo che vada al concerto del Primo Maggio per annunciare l’avvenuta confluenza nel PdL dei gruppi che fanno capo a Ferrero e Vendola, dopodiche’ non ci sara’ letteralmente piu’ Storia!

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What's In It For Roger Harrabin?

Roger Harrabin writing on the BBC News website about Carbon Capture technology.

Only thing, he’s definitely NOT writing as a BBC journalist. This sentence in particular is more than your usual BBC reporting:

I believe that [Carbon Capture] will prove feasible, if costly

The above looks like some kind of informed opinion. But usually a BBC journalist like any other journalist would quote the people whose opinion is being reported.

Not in this case. We are hearing what Harrabin himself thinks of a subject.

On what basis are we supposed to put trust on his thoughts? Is Roger Harrabin a recognised expert in the field of carbon capture? Or any other field for that matters?

Perhaps he is. But then we should be told.

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Nature Geosciences – “Planetary” Issue Free To Download

The April 2009 issue of Nature Geosciences, focused on “Planetary Science”, is free to download, at least for now.

There is also a feature article by Paul Spudis on returning to the Moon.

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Rispondere ad Ahmadinejad

Come rispondere in maniera seria ed efficace alle uscite del Presidente iraniano Ahmadinejad, come quella su Israele e il razzismo alla Conferenza di Ginevra?

E’ chiaramente semplice polemica (invece che politica) contribuire al baccano intorno alle sue dichiarazioni. Il Presidente iraniano sappiamo benissimo cosa e’ andato a fare in Svizzera (guadagnare consensi in Patria per le elezioni presidenziali) e quale e’ stata la sua strategia per ottenere quell’obiettivo (causare reazioni e gesti plateali per presentarsi come difensore dell’onore persiano di fronte a un mondo coalizzato contro l’Iran).

Non per caso, e’ tornato a Teheran da trionfatore.

Non ha quindi alcun senso aggiungere alle reazioni e ai gesti plateali gia’ visti, se non il senso di affiancarli nel rafforzare politicamente Ahmadinejad stesso. Molto piu’ efficace sarebbe descrivere il suo intervento per quello che e’: un episodio di teatralita’ a fini elettorali, che potrebbe anche essere preso per una buffonata: la quale, lungi dal fare di Ahmadinejad un vero eroe, e’ l’ennesima sua picconatura contro il buon nome internazionale del grande popolo iraniano.

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Reacting To Ahmadinejad’s Speech

I do not understand the uproar against the words used by President Ahmadinejad at the UN Racism Conference in Switzerland. And what I specifically do not understand is why people feel compelled to add to the uproar, when it is as clear as daylight that he went to Geneva with the one and only goal of… causing an uproar, in order to go back home as a national hero right in the middle of his re-election campaign.

The most appropriate reaction to President Ahmadinejad’s outrageous remarks is therefore not a theatrical walkout in front of the TV cameras, nor a flurry of comparisons to Nazi Germany or calls for the “free world” to “wake up”.

We just have to call President Ahmadinejad’s behavior for what it is: electoral posturing, if not outright buffoonery. And far from an episode for the annals of Persian pride, just another of his “pickaxe blows” against the good international standing of the great people of Iran.

Italia Italiano

Aversano Freedom Recital – Londra, Per Il 25 Aprile

AVERSANO FREEDOM RECITAL, Concerto per la Liberazione

@ The Royal College of Music, Londra, 25.04.2009

(concerto per violino e pianoforte del Maestro Emilio AVERSANO)


£25 in advance, £30 on the door

ulteriori informazioni:

Non ci sara’ alcun simbolo politico perche’ l’evento vuole essere di tutti, come dovrebbe essere l’Anniversario della Liberazione e il suo messaggio storico, etico e universale.

Sara’ allora una festa veramente di tutti, che promuoviamo senza simboli ed e’ prodotta in maniera autonoma e indipendente dal circolo della politica. Tutta autofinanziata e frutto di una iniziativa privata.

Si ringrazia anticipatamente per la massima diffusione possibile!!

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AGWers At A Loss With The British Public

That’s the impression after reading the reactions to Martin Livermore’s “Cold reality of global warming efforts” opinion piece in the BBC’s “Green Room“. Most of the comments are definitely not on the AGW side, and the few that are, are mostly about ad-hominems against Mr. Livermore.

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Ma Chi Se Ne Importa Di Santoro…

E adesso si sente che Santoro avrebbe pure bisogno di essere difeso. Manco fosse Aung San Suu Kyi. Scrive Peter Gomez:

“E qui veniamo al secondo problema: quanti tra i sedicenti liberali alle vongole protagonisti della vita pubblica italiana, politici, editorialisti, direttori di giornali, capitani d’industria, prenderanno posizione per difendere non Santoro o Vauro, ma un principio? Io credo pochi. Perché la libertà di parola nasce nel ‘700 per poter parlare male di chi stava al potere. Per parlarne bene, infatti, c’erano già i cortigiani. C’erano allora e ci sono ancora. “

Ma difendere la liberta’ di parola e’ una cosa seria: troppo seria, di fronte ai giornalisti morti ammazzati, ai politici imprigionati, ai diritti civili calpestati di qua e di la’ perche’ un liberale e libertario si debba far fare ostaggio di chi provoca perche’ vuole provocare.

All’accusa delle vongole si puo’ rispondere che delle cozze piene di veleni non me ne importa un calamaro secco.

Si difendano da soli le loro polemiche create ad arte, per fare audience e quindi soldi. Come scrivevo in tempi non sospetti riguardo a un argomento molto simile:

“Ora, con tutti i problemi che esistono sul pianeta, davvero non me ne importa un tubo della voglia degli organizzatori della mostra al quartiere San Vitale di Bologna, di farsi impallinare, o di riuscire a dominare chi si ritiene offeso dell’esistenza stessa di quella mostra. Gli uni (e gli altri) fanno parte del problema, non della soluzione”

Avere poi un programma in RAI e lamentarsi di non poter parlare mi sembra una colossale montatura.

ps un pensiero per Vaso-Di-Coccio Vauro che e’ stato scelto come vittima sacrificale per fare contenti tutti. Ma sono sicuro che non rischiera’ la fame o la galera, e i suoi familiari non saranno seguiti da alcuna polizia segreta.

English Ethics

Inspiration And Perspiration…

…under a different guise. Still, the concept is the same: for everything you do

Expect failure…but keep trying

(from the Skeptics Society’s eSkeptic newsletter)

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On Drowning Fishes And Dizzy Eagles

A preventative blog title for what will certainly appear very soon on mainstream newsmedia around the world. How can I be so sure? Well, all I had to do was to read how a volcano threatens Galapagos wildlife (from CBS, but the news is everywhere).

How on Earth can a volcano “threaten” the ecosystems of the Galapagos?

Doesn’t any journalist realize that all Galapagos wildlife not only has survived millions of years of volcanic activity, not only has lived next to all that volcanic activity, it has positively evolved in its own special ways BECAUSE of the volcanic activity?

ps what has this got to do with climate change? The basis for the alarm is because lava coming out of a volcano that last erupted four years ago (!!) could disrupt the “delicate equilibrium” of Nature. Just like a slightly warmer planet would…

Italia Italiano Politica

Sull’Accorpamento Del Voto

Far votare tutti insieme in un Election Day al 7 giugno favorirebbe i fautori del referendum elettorale. Posporre il referendum al 14 o 21 giugno favorirebbe i contrari. Qual’e’ la soluzione “migliore”? Difficile dirlo perche’ entrambi gli argomenti sembrano equivalenti (i 400 milioni di spesa addizionale sono probabilmente la solita esagerazione).

Il risultato e’ che la scelta e’ assolutamente esterna al referendum stesso, e dipende dai rapporti di forza e dalle tattiche interne alla maggioranza. Stare troppo a disquisire sopra l’Election Day e’ quindi una gran perdita di tempo.

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Save The Planet, Ban Pollution-Producing (Living) Devices!

With CO2 on its way to be classified as a dangerous polluting gas, since it is mostly created out of oxygen and carbon either by living beings or machines created by living beings, shouldn’t we ban oxygen, free carbon, and aerobic life from Planet Earth in order to save Nature itself?

Somebody please start a petition!!

ps cognoscenti will recognize that we are just suffering from something those evil stromatolites have done, so long ago

pps And what about methane? Let’s outlaw hydrogen too!

Italia Italiano Politica

Lettera Da Cestinare (O Quasi)

Ma possibile che sia cosi’ diffusa l’idea di approfittare immediatamente delle tragedie altrui per portare avanti questa o quella idea? Adesso arriva il Sindaco del Comune di Cassinetta di Lugagnano (MI) che scrive al Presidente del Consiglio per dirgli di interrompere un po’ tutto cio’ che non serve a proteggere la popolazione dai rischi sismici.

O almeno cosi’ si presenta. Ma l’impressione, come detto da un altro commentatore, e’ che si colga “l’occasione di un emergenza per proporre l’annullamento di progetti importanti che già non condivideva prima”.

Infatti la lettera di Domenico Finiguerra e’ piena di dettagli su quello che va interrotto, tagliato e rinunciato, mentre dal punto di vista propositivo resta troppo sul vago (”aumentare gli stanziamenti dei fondi…”: di quanto? con quali obiettivi? per esempio “aumentare XXX a 10mld all’anno in modo da mettere in sicurezza il 99% delle costruzioni scolastiche entro il 2015″).

L’ennesimo episodio scaldacuori, insomma, ma che non portera’ a niente di concreto perche’ in fondo in fondo, non lo si chiede davvero. Ed e’ un peccato perche’ una decisa spinta verso la risoluzione dei problemi idrogeologici, e la messa in sicurezza degli edifici pubblici e privati, sarebbe davvero una bella proposta per il momento. E non e’ di destra o di sinistra.

Italia Italiano Politica

Terremoti, o Come Uccidere I Propri Pronipoti

Certo che a essere cinici ci sarebbe da star proprio tristi…il trio Radicale si impegna per l’otto per mille ma perche’ vuole togliere i soldi ai preti, Tremonti si agita sul cinque per mille ma perche’ non vuol tirar fuori troppi fondi di tasca sua, l’IdV si attacca a tutto per fare le scarpe a Bertolaso (il quale almeno da’ l’impressione di essere una persona seria).

Milioni di italiani intanto si indignano contro gli scandali costruttivi abruzzesi, seduti di fronte alla TV nel loro immobile abusivo e/o condonato e/o in zona a rischio immediato, e mentre meta’ dei parenti lavora in nero e l’altra meta’ e’ stata assunta nepotisticamente, sognano un Paese guidato dalla competenza.

I piani di evacuazione per Messina e Reggio Calabria brillano ma naturalmente solo per la proverbiale assenza.

Geometri e architetti dalla Vetta d’Italia a Pantelleria continuano a usare cemento armato a piu’ non posso, e la Nazione si prodiga ad uccidere quanti piu’ nipoti e pronipoti possibile.

Tirem innanz’.

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No Ice Radar? No Catlin Expedition!

The Catlin trio has given up on ice radar“, reports David Shukman on the BBC today.

This is a bad sign. Twice bad: as it calls into question the need for risking the lives of the team any further, and the overall organization of the expedition.

The Catlin trio should just pack up and come back home before anything truly bad does happen.

The SPRITE “ice radar” is (was) not just another instrument. It was THE meaning for the whole expedition. Here’s a screenshot from the Catlin Arctic Survey’s science pages on their website:
Catlin Science pages

Such a surface Survey has never before been attempted

The team’s ground-penetrating radar (SPRITE) will distinguish between the base ice layer and any over-lying snow layer

The Catlin Arctic Survey’s data will allow for the re-evaluation of satellite and submarine digitised observations of recent decades – and future ones – and thereby improve the accuracy and confidence of the modelled outputs.

Even the BBC noticed the extreme importance of SPRITE for providing a meaning to the Catlin trio’s efforts, as it can be seen in the caption of the image opening one of their first articles on the expedition (by Jonathan Amos in February 2009):

BBC introducing the Catlin expedition (1)

The yellow SPRITE radar is the expedition’s key piece of kit

And in the text:

“It is intended to give scientists the very latest “ground truth”, to better constrain their models and their interpretation of the observations coming from satellites.

‘No other information on ice thickness like this is expected to be made available to the scientific community in 2009,’ explained Arctic ice modeller Professor Wieslaw Maslowski, a science advisor to the survey.”

What needs to be done now? According to the latest BBC article:

As a result, the explorers are now drilling more sampling holes than planned, which means they are progressing more slowly than hoped.

But what is the point of that? This is what Amos wrote back in February:

BBC on Catlin - detail

At frequent intervals, the team will also gather manually the same data by drilling through the ice. This will put a calibration check on the radar measurements.

The manually-drilled sampling holes are meant to be just calibration measures for the radar. Hence, if there is no radar, there is little meaning in drilling any sampling hole. Furthermore:

Over the course of the expedition, the team hopes to have gathered millions of readings.

Obviously, those millions of reading will simply not be there. A couple of thousands of manual measurements cannot be a scientifically-plausible substitute for millions of automatic readings.

And as already mentioned, the SPRITE debacle actually suggests the risk for the above is not minimal. In fact, how did such a “key piece of kit” manage to become useless? Shukman again:

The failures are blamed on problems with power supplies, either with batteries not working or with cables snapping in the cold.

Now, what kind of organization put together their most important equipment for a winter-starting polar mission using material unable to withstand extreme cold? What else have they forgotten to consider?

I for one would not mind if Hadow, Daniels and Hartley were to try again in 2010 or 2011. It’s just the 2009 effort that worries me (a lot) regarding their well-being.

English Politics

(Almost) Little To Worry About North Korea

In a new twist of the “politics of the tantrum”, North Korea has shown the door, threatened to show the door or told the world it is thinking about showing the door to the UN Atomic Energy inspectors (profoundly sad, no doubt, for being sent back where possessing a shortwaver radio is not a criminal offence). Pyongyang’s reaction to the UN Security Council latest feeble condemnation is so sudden and over the top, there is little to read into it politically (apart perhaps as yet episode in the Kim-succession saga).

One has to remember that North Korea has built and detonated an atom bomb a few years ago, but alas the boom was not big enough to make it a serious weapon. Now they have launched a satellite towards orbit, but alas the rocket was not strong enough to make it a serious weapon either (“going to orbit” is not militarily important as much as being able to reach the necessary speed. And the North Korean missile did not go fast enough).

At best there will be more puffing, more huffing, and the negotiations will start again. If the current dictator dies, there will be plenty of turmoil and maybe even the chance for Reunification.

Trouble is, at worst the North Koreans will explode an atom bomb in the atmosphere. Even if only unwittingly. And that is plenty to worry about.

Italia Italiano Politica

Troppi Crolli…Il Tempo Delle Analisi Invece Che Delle Polemiche

Che qualcuno abbia voluto risparmiare sul cemento armato, e’ naturale. Che qualcun’altro abbia speculato in generale sul materiale e le tecniche edilizi, e’ ovvio. Ma che lo abbiano fatto in cosi’ tanti e tutti assieme, a L’Aquila poi, mi sembra un po’ troppo.

Aggiungiamo poi il fatto che sono crollate strutture medievali, e la spiegazione piu’ logica e’ che il terremoto del 5-6 Aprile 2009 non sia stato un “solito” sisma. Qualcosa insomma che le “solite” costruzioni antisismiche hanno avuto difficolta’ a resistere.

E’ solo un’ipotesi, naturalmente. Ma prima di incolpare ingegneri e architetti vari, aspetterei una buona analisi da parte dei sismologi. Forse la magnitudo (scala Richter) non e’ tutto.

Italia Italiano

Scavare, Scavare, Scavare: Oltre Pasqua!!

Dopo un terremoto sembra ci sia sempre voglia di smettere quanto prima di scavare sotto le macerie. Adesso in Abruzzo si parla di Pasqua, cioe’ 6 giorni dopo il terremoto. E’ davvero troppo presto: ci sono casi documentati di recuperi dopo 14 giorni e fino ad allora bisogna continuare a sperare. E perche’ no?

Italia Italiano PdL Politica

PdL Perche’

Un interessante scambio da noisefromAmerika. Dove Mario Seminerio dice:

Se Libertiamo è nel Pdl è perché evidentemente ritiene che, malgrado tutto, in quel contesto esistano maggiori possibilità per promuovere, sia pure in una traversata del deserto, un’agenda liberale o almeno alcuni punti qualificanti di essa.