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Prove Tecniche Di Addio Al Partito Democratico

[…] “Mi sembra di poter dire che tutte le parti fondamentali, costituenti l’intervento, il programma, il progetto politico di Gianfranco Fini hanno una parentela diretta e patente con l’essenziale della storia radicale”, ha aggiunto Pannella […]

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What To Do With Abusive Partners?

Target practice? Practical lessons for aspiring torturers? Food and fun for killer ants?

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Another Good Argument About The Greenhouse Venus Hypothesis

From JoNova’s “DeSmog accidentally vindicates The Skeptics Handbook

The next time a warmist yells Venus. Just yell back Mars. Its’ atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide and yet, oops – it’s not 400 degrees, instead, it’s minus 40. The warmists with half a brain might come back at you with the explanation that Mars’s atmosphere is thin, but that’s just fine. That IS the point really isn’t it? Mars is cold because it’s atmosphere is so thin, and for exactly the opposite reason, that’s why Venus is Hot.

ps Hugs&kisses for linking to Omniclimate, of course! A list of my Venus-related blogs is available at this link.

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In the Obama Administration, Two Mutually Incompatible Takes On Climate Change

In the Obama Administration, Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to start “addressing the scientific and technical challenges of climate change“. Meanwhile, Climate Czarine Carol Browner is on the record for stating that global warming is “the greatest challenge ever faced“.

But is that a vision shared by the President himself? Hardly so. Very recently at the Costa Mesa Town Hall Meeting in California (March 18) President Obama singularly failed to mention climate in a list of upcoming challenges including the cost of health care, the dependency on oil imports and education.

It appears that for the current President, “climate” is a useful but merely ancillary issue to “energy”. But how can “the greatest challenge ever faced” be subordinate to energy or anything else? And how long will the likes of Chu and Browner, and everybody else one the side of Al Gore, tolerate such a situation?

It will be interesting to see if the “doom and gloom” camp will be able to get any traction against President Obama’s very own “Yes we can” mantra.

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Immigrants as Guests? Not Really…

Since when do people ask their guests to pay taxes, to pay for the accommodation, and to find and keep a job? And since when have guests stopped being almost sacred?

Evidently, immigrants the world over experience something completely different from being “guests”. And so they are not.

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Il Mito Degli Immigrati Come “Ospiti”

E da quando in qua sarebbe comune far pagare le tasse al proprio ospite, fargli pagare pure l’abitazione, mandarlo a lavorare e non considerarlo piu’ sacro come dovuto?

E’ ben evidente che gli immigrati non sono trattati come ospiti. E quindi, non lo sono.