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L’Ironia (Senza Confini) Della Sorte

Un po ‘di storia degli attentati suicidi nel mondo islamico, come riportata sulla Suedeutsche Zeitung partendo dal libro di Gilles Kepel “Terreur et martyre”):

  1. Negli anni 1980, durante la straordinariamente lunga guerra Iran-Iraq, la quasi esausta Repubblica Islamica ha da Teheran inizia a inviare bambini per ripulire i campi minati (con i loro corpi, pero’), rifacendosi a una tradizione sciita riguardo l’auto-immolazione
  2. Intorno al 1993, la propaganda iraniana insegna l’uso della tecnica a Hezbollah, i loro alleati libanesi (ancorche’ sunniti), ovviamente solo e soltanto per lottare contro l’occupazione israeliana della Palestina, e spostando quindi la fraseologia da “auto-immolazione” a “operazione di martirio”
  3. Inizialmente, i teologi sunniti non sono stati a favore delle “operazioni di martirio”. Ma cio’ e’ cambiato circa intorno al 1996, con il “bonus aggiunto” di classificare i civili israeliani “obiettivi legittimi” (si sa, la maggior parte di loro sono stati e sono tuttora tenuti a servire nell’esercito a un certo punto della loro vita)
  4. Dopo una serie di sanguinosi attentati suicidi che hanno afflitto Israele per un po ‘di tempo, il top è stato raggiunto, ovviamente, con il 9 / 11 la distruzione delle Twin Towers
  5. Dopo l’invasione dell’Iraq pero’, e’ arrivato il momento della tragedia anche per i piu’ convinti, con terroristi sunniti impegnatissimi in attentati suicidi contro gli sciiti …!

Insomma il cerchio si e’ chiuso, con un supremo senso di ironia da parte del Fato (o di Dio). Ma non dimentichiamo un barlume di speranza per concludere: nonostante le bombe di Madrid e di Londra, più altra in Kenya e altrove, gli organizzatori di attentati suicidi e’ un po’ che vedono le loro opportunita’ in peggioramento.

Deve essere piuttosto difficile sostenere la legittimità dell’uso di di attentati suicidi, una tecnica originariamente sciita, proprio per uccidere altri sciiti. E che tipo di “combattente islamico per la libertà” puo’ mai pensare che il modo migliore per liberare i musulmani sia ucciderli?

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Fate’s Unrelenting Twists of Irony

A brief history of suicide bombing in the Muslim world, as reported on the Suedeutsche Zeitung starting from Gilles Kepel’s book “Die Spirale des Terrors” (French original: “Terreur et martyre“):

  1. In the 1980’s, during the extraordinarily long Iran-Iraq war the almost-exhausted Islamic Republic started sending children to clear out minefields (using their bodies that is), following an establish Shiite tradition of self-immolation
  2. Around 1993, Iranian propaganda spread news and use of the technique to Hezbollah, their (Sunni) Lebanese allies, of course only and just to fight the Israeli occupation of Palestine, shifting therefore the phraseology from “self-immolation” to “martyrdom operation”
  3. Initially, Sunni scholars were not in favor of “martyrdom operations”. That all changed around 1996, with the “added bonus” of Israeli civilians being thrown in the lot of “legitimate targets” (you know, most of them were and still are bound to serve in the military at some point in their life)
  4. After a series of bloody suicide bombings afflicting Israel for quite some time, the top was obviously reached with the 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers
  5. Tragedy (ironic, but still tragedy) struck the  “suicide bombing appreciation society” in the Muslim world after Iraq was invaded in 2003, and Sunni terrorists started to use suicide bombings against…Shiites!

So it has all gone around full circle. Supreme sense of irony from Fate (or God), isn’t it?

One ray of hope to conclude: despite the Madrid and London bombings, plus others in Kenya and elsewhere, suicide bombing organizers have seen things going downhill since.

It must be quite hard to argue for the legitimacy of an originally-Shiite technique to be used to kill Shiites. And what kind of “Islamic freedom fighter” can think in his right mind that the way to free Muslims is by killing them?

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Science Vs. Science-Based Fantasy Embroidery

Andy Revkin’s increasingly more interesting “Dot Earth” blog quotes “Yadvinder Malhi, an Oxford University biologist who is focused on the Amazon and climate” questioning the Amazon-is-doomed “findings presented at the meeting” and decrying “the resulting media coverage“:

(Mahli) I must say I find it frustrating that the gloomiest take on news gets such a big profile. This is based on one model, and that model has flaws, especially its temperature sensitivity that seems too great (David Galbraith’s work), and its rainfall that seems to low

Revkin and Mahli should be not surprised a bit, as the embroidery of fact-based hypotheses (if not outright fantasies) and their presentation as “the latest science” is a popular endeavor (=gets the biggest profile) and not just in climate circles. For example, here’s the decrying of the equivalent behavior, about Pompeii:

Beard, a classics professor at Cambridge University, takes cheeky, undisguised delight in puncturing the many fantasies and misconceptions that have grown up around Pompeii — sown over the years by archaeologists and classicists no less than Victorian novelists and makers of “sword and sandal” film extravaganzas.

While many scholars build careers through increasingly elaborate reconstructions of the ancient world, Beard consistently stresses the limits of our knowledge, the precariousness of our constructs and the ambiguity or contradiction inherent in many of our sources. “There is hardly a shred of evidence for any of it” serves as her battle cry, and it’s a noble one.

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Gallup Poll To AGW Believers: Get Real!

The latest Gallup survey on environmental issues in America has been greeted on Climate Progress with a blog entry and set of comments bordering on the absurd.

It’s like seeing people hit a hard wall with their heads, then recover, talk about themselves on a way to get to the other part of the wall, only to finally hit the same wall again, and the same way!

Dear Joe Romm: how long have you been thundering about global warming? How many times have you divided the world in intelligent progressives and retarded conservatives? How many WWII comparison have you made, how many times have you mentioned Hitler and/or denialism, and how often have words of doom and forecastings of disaster appeared in your blog?

If numbers are what they appear to be; and if after all these years and efforts you appear not ot be part of the solution: what, then, are you part of?

By all means, keep proceeding down the same old route, if you so wish. But don’t be surprised if you find yourself in the situation of that joke: where a guy driving on a motorway hears on the radio that one madman’s car is going against the flow of traffic, and then thinks: “One? There are literally hundreds of them!”